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  • Is it good to be bored (or will it be the death of you)?无聊对你有好处还是致命呢?Boredom traditionally has a bad reputation. In 2009, a study of 7,524 civil servants found that those with the highest levels of boredom were nearly 40% more likely to have died by the end of the 25-year trial, compared with those who weren’t bored. The bored civil servants were also more prone to rate their health worse and to be less active and have more menial jobs. The authors speculated that boredom and inactivity might drive people to drink more heavily and smoke – activities not related to longevity.传统意义上,无聊是个不好的词。在2009年,一项针对7524个行政人员的研究发现,那些有最高无聊程度的人,跟不无聊的人相比,有超过接近40%的可能在25年后死去。那些无聊的行政人员还更容易轻视自己的健康状况,变得更不积极并从事更多脑力劳动。作者推测,无聊和不活跃或许会驱使人加重酗酒和吸烟,即一些违背长寿的活动。Boredom is often defined as a state of dissatisfaction with the dullness of a situation – usually with a bit of restlessness and fatigue. So it may seem counterintuitive that researchers are suggesting boredom might have benefits, and, indeed, be an evolutionary insurance scheme for making us seek new experiences. A series of studies from the University of Virginia, published in the journal Science in 2014 found that 18 out of 42 students who were left in a room with nothing to do for 15 minutes gave themselves at least one mild shock on the ankle to alleviate the boredom. The authors concluded that people would rather do something unpleasant than nothing.无聊通常被定义为对某种单调情况感到不开心的状态,常带有些许的不安和疲惫。因此这件事或许看起来是违反直觉的:研究者认为无聊也许有好处而且事实上可以成为一种改进的保障策略,让我们寻求新的经历。2014年发布在科学家杂志上,弗吉尼亚大学一系列的研究发现,被留在房间里15分钟没有事情做的42个学生有18个为了消除无聊至少轻敲过自己的踝关节。作者总结,相比较于什么都不做,人们宁愿做一些不开心的事。So whatever happened to daydreaming? A study from the University of Central Lancashire links a period of boredom with heightened creativity immediately afterwards. It is not the most robust study: 40 people copied numbers from a telephone directory for 15 minutes and then had to come up with different uses for a pair of polystyrene cups. Their ideas were rated more creative than those of 40 people who didn’t do the boring task first. Another group, who the numbers, were even more creative with the cups than those who wrote them out. Dr Sandi Mann, one of the authors, concluded that we should embrace boredom “to enhance our creativity”.因此做白日梦会发生什么呢?一项中央兰开夏大学的的研究认为一段时间的无聊过后将会马上增加创造力。40个人先从一个电话号码簿中摘抄一些数字,然后需要想出一对聚苯乙烯杯子的不同用处。根据评价,他们的想法比40个没有先做这些无聊任务的人更加有创造力。另一组的读数字的人甚至比那些摘抄的更有创造力。作为作者之一的Sandi Mann医生总结,我们应当接受无聊以“加强我们的创造力”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430236
  • Confusing accents and odd public transport habits have been listed among the biggest culture shocks for people moving to the UK.难懂的口音和奇怪的公共交通习惯双双跻身外国人到英国后感受到的最大文化冲击之列。Users of online message board Reddit were asked ;What is biggest #39;culture shock#39; you#39;ve ever received either after moving or while vacationing to a new place?; by user thechosenone16 - and responded with a number of humourous observations about life in Britain.网络论坛Reddit的用户thechosenone16向论坛网友提出了一个问题:“到一个新的地方定居或度假后,你感受到的最大‘文化冲击’是什么?”Reddit网友纷纷给出了有关在英国生活的风趣。;There are no closets in the UK,; posted user SurfeitOfPenguins in one entry.用户SurfeitOfPenguins发表留言道:“英国没有储藏室”。;Livable space of houses is maybe a one-foot radius around each radiator. Either the sky is completely overcast, or the sky is blue with one single cloud and that cloud is raining.“房子的居住空间周围大概半径1英尺之内必有暖气片。天空要么全阴,要么就是蔚蓝的天空上孤零零飘着一朵云,而那朵云也是雨云。”;Accents are a big deal. A native Brit can pinpoint a person#39;s place of birth, annual salary, and parentage going back three generations within moments of hearing another Brit speak.;“口音是个大问题。别人只要一开口说话,土生土长的英国人瞬间就能确定说话者的出生地、年薪,还能追溯到往上三代的出身。”Redditor Dondo666 also pointed out the difference between the British accents as depicted onscreen, and how they are in real life.Reddit用户Dondo666同样指出了银幕上与现实生活中的英国口音的差异。;English is my 3rd language but I#39;d say I#39;m fluent,; he said.他表示:“英语是我的第3语言,但我觉得自己说得算得上流利”。;I have no problem understanding what Americans say 99% of the time. But Brits are a whole other thing entirely. Most of the time I could make out 1/5 words. After a while I stopped asking people to repeat themselves and just smiled and nodded.“99%的情况下,我听懂美国人说话没问题。但听懂英国人说话就完全是另一回事了。大多数情况下,5个单词我也就能听懂1个。不久之后,我就不再请求别人重讲一遍,而只是微笑着点头。”;Brits in British movies I understand. In real life, not so much.;“英国电影里的英国人说话我能听懂。生活中?真是听不太懂。”ListenDry, an Indian user from UAE, reported on Britons#39; obsession with manners, having visited London in 2012.来自阿联酋的印度裔用户ListenDry曾在2012年来过伦敦。他吐槽了英国人的礼貌强迫症。;Sorry, please, thank you and welcome were the words to gain respect,; he said.他表示:“对不起、请、谢谢和欢迎这些词要常挂在嘴边,这样才能赢得尊重”。An international student, the Redditor also summed up other British idiosyncrasies.Reddit上的一位留学生也总结了一些其他英国特色。;Taxes were high,; he wrote.他写道:“税很高”。;Liquor was cheap (even though I don#39;t drink). Heating was central and was timed which was thick. No closets to hide in despair and the rooms were tiny. Accents are vast, from all over the globe.“酒水很便宜(尽管我不喝酒)。定时、中央供暖,但温度很足。房间狭小,绝望时也没有储藏室可以躲。集合了来自世界各地、五花八门的口音。”;Racism does exist but is not visible. It#39;s just that people will ignore instead of verbally or physically assaulting or replying.;“英国确实存在种族歧视问题,但不明显。人们只是选择忽视,而不是进行语言、身体攻击或回应。”For French Redditor pompompompompom, it was British toilets that made for a source of cultural confusion.对于来自法国的Reddit用户pompompompompom来说,让他感受到文化混乱的是英国的厕所。;Some older toilets have a sort of door handle flush which I can never get the hang of, if you#39;re too slow it won#39;t work, too fast won#39;t work either, it#39;s an art,; he said.他说:“有些老式厕所使用所谓的门把手冲水,我永远学不会。太慢了不行,太快了也不行,简直是门艺术”。 /201511/410107
  • Dubai-based Al Ahli Holding Group has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to build a Fox-branded theme park and resort in Dubai, expected to open in 2018.迪拜的Al Ahli控股集团与二十世纪福克斯消费品公司合作,将在迪拜建造一个福克斯品牌的主题公园和度假村,预计将于2018年开业。The deal also allows Twentieth Century Fox, a unit of media company Twenty-First Century Fox, to roll out up to three additional Fox-branded resorts outside Dubai.根据该协议,二十世纪福克斯还可在迪拜之外另建造最多三个福克斯品牌的度假村。二十世纪福克斯是媒体集团二十一世纪福克斯(FOXA.O)旗下企业。This would be the second theme park by Twentieth Century Fox. The first — Twentieth Century Fox World — is currently under construction in Malaysia.这将是二十世纪福克斯打造的第二个主题公园,其首个主题公园目前正在马来西亚建设。The theme park in Dubai will comprise attractions based on popular Fox movie franchise such as ;Ice Age;, ;Planet of the Apes; and ;Night at the Museum;.迪拜的主题公园将包括根据福克斯电影系列《冰川时代》、《人猿星球》和《物馆奇妙夜》等打造的景点。 /201511/407883
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