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Wang Chong (27~97), whose courtesy name was Zhongren, was born at Shangyu (now Shangyu County, Zhejiang Province), but his ancestral home town was Yuancheng at the Wei prefecture (present-day Darning, Hebei Province).王充(27~97),字仲任,祖籍魏郡元城(今河北大名),生在上虞(今浙江上虞)。He led a reclusive life in the countryside most of his life, teaching and writing books.他一生大部分时间都隐居乡里,以教书为生,以著书为业。A prolific writer, Wang Chong summarized his thoughts into Lun Heng (Discourses Weighed in Balance), a book that included 85 chapters (84 of them survived) and took him over 30 years to finish.著作颇多,代表作《论衡》共85篇(实存84篇),历时30多年写成,集中反映了王充的思想。At the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, superstitious ideas were rampant.东汉前期,迷信思想泛滥。Wang Chong was so outraged by the chaos in the academic community that in Lun Heng, he criticized such practices as the idolization of Confucius and his thoughts. Under his attack were Confucius, Mencius and other key figures of Confucianism as well as their scriptures. He further pointed out that these “deities” and their scriptures were not without flaws.王充对思想界的黑暗混乱十分气愤,在《论衡》中,他针对神化孔子和儒家经传、经学神学化的现象展开批判,把批判锋刃直接指向孔子、孟子和五经,指出被神化的人物和经典本身并非完美无瑕,并不“神”。Wang Chong analyzed and vigorously attacked what the theological teleologists claimed as the interaction between Heaven and humanity. Heaven, he claimed, is natural so that it is not will-driven and emotional.王充对天人感应的神学目的论进行了有力的揭露和批判,指出天是一种物质实体,没有意志和情感,天是自然之天。Furthermore, Wang Chong criticized the prevailing superstitious ideas and practices, especially the belief of life after death. He held that human beings are born with original vigor and human beings are unique only because they have physical bodies and consciousness.他批判了当时流行的各种迷信思想和迷信活动,特别是对“人死为鬼”之说的批判最为彻底,他认为人禀元气而生,人之所以为人,是因为人有形体,有知觉,是形体和精神的结合体。After death, their physical condition changes conversely: ;Their bloods will exhaust; the exhaustion results in the extinction of vigor; the extinction causes the decay of the physical body, which will turn to ashes at last.”人死以后,自身状况发生了相反的变化,“人死血脉竭,竭而精气灭,灭而形体朽,朽而成灰土。”The illusion of ghosts and spirits are just hallucinations caused by frustration, illness and madness.同时指出人之所以产生鬼的观念,是由于人处在困、病、狂三种状态下容易产生见鬼的幻觉。Wang Chong also attacked the pursuit of immortality through practicing alchemy as well as other superstitious practice such as sacrifice offering and soothsaying. By exploring the root of superstition, Wang Chong helped to push the Chinese atheism to a higher level.另外,王充还批判了“度世不死”、“修炼成仙”的思想以及祭祀、占卜等迷信活动,探讨了迷信存在的根源,批判了形形色色的方士,将无神论思想发展到更高的水平。 /201510/404719You might not realise it, but sending even a short email has an impact on the environment. Scientists estimate that an email adds about four grams (0.14 ounces) of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere.你可能没有意识到,即使是发送一封小小的邮件也会对环境产生影响。科学家估计,发送一封邮件相当于向大气中排放约4克的二氧化碳。That means that hitting #39;send#39; on 65 mails is equal to driving an average-sized car a 0.6 miles (1km).这意味着,发送65封邮件所产生的二氧化碳相当于一辆普通大小的汽车行驶1公里产生的二氧化碳。This is according to a McAfee study the #39;Carbon Footprint of Spam#39;, which also found each time you copy someone else, another six grams of CO2 is added. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide.据迈克菲(一款杀毒软件)“垃圾邮件的碳足迹”研究发现,每次转发邮件同样也会增加6克的二氧化碳。碳足迹是人类活动直接或间接地向大气中排放温室气体的总量,通常也用同等数量的二氧化碳的吨数来表示。The average person sends and receives 125 emails every day. When sending emails, greenhouse gases are produced in running the computer, server and routers, and when when the equipment was manufactured. Receiving a spam message, even if you do not open it, has an environmental impact of 0.3 gCO2.每人平均每天收发125封邮件。发送邮件时,电脑、务器、路由器的运行会产生温室气体,同时制造这些设备时也会产生二氧化碳。收到一条垃圾信息,即使你没有打开,大气中也会增加0.3克二氧化碳。The global carbon footprint from spam annually is equivalent to the greenhouse gases pumped out by 3.1 million passenger cars using two billion gallons of gasoline in a year.每年全球垃圾邮件的碳排放量相当于310万辆客车每年消耗20亿加仑的汽油所排出的二氧化碳。Sending emails is just one activity on a long list of seemingly harmless everyday actions contribute to emissions of CO2. For example, typing in a non-essential Google inquiry on an energy-efficient laptop leaves a footprint of 0.2 gCO2e. On an old desktop computer, it is 4.5 gCO2e. Sending a text message isn#39;t a less harmful method of communication either, as it comes at a cost of about 0.014 gCO2e.发送邮件只是人类日常生活中看似无害却会排放二氧化碳的众多行为中的一项。例如,用节能笔记本在谷歌上搜索一般的问题会产生0.2克的二氧化碳,而用老式电脑则会产生4.5克二氧化碳。发送短信同样会对环境产生影响,因为会产生约0.014克二氧化碳。 /201512/414021

Chinese Personal Names中国人姓名A modern Chinese usually has a surname(“family name”) and a given name(“first name or“Christian name”) always in that order.现代中国人的姓名通常由姓(家庭姓氏)和名(个人所起的名字)组成,并且姓在前,名在后。Thus Deng Xiaoping is Mr. Deng with the personal name Xiaoping the same way John Jones is Mr. Jones with the personal name John.因此,邓小平被称为邓先生,个人的名字为小平。正如约翰·琼斯被称为琼斯先生,个人的名字为约翰。In ancient China,however, naming was very complicated and one person usually had several names,and naming involved xing,shi,ming,and zi.Each of these four words meant a different thing.在中国古代,起名非常复杂一个人可以有好几个名字,包括姓、氏、名、字,每一个都表达不同的意思。Xing and shi together formed today’s sur-name,and ming and zi today’s given name. Today,people use xingshi to refer to a person’s surname,mingzi to refer to one’s given name.姓和氏演变为现在的姓,名和字则演变为现在的名、所以现在人们通常用姓氏来指一个人的姓,用名字来指一个人所起的名。Study of ancient Chinese documents shows that xing originally referred to the names of different matriarchal tribes.It also had something to do with the place where people lived.据对中国古代文献的研究表明,“姓”最初被用来指不同的女氏族长部落,和人们的居住地也有某些关系。Researches show That xing came into being during the matrilin-eal society period,i. e.,around four to five thousand years ago.研究表明,“姓”出现于母系社会时期,大约四千至五千年之前。Nearly always the family name(surname)is one-syllable long. The only com-mon modern surnames that are two-syllables long are ouyang and Sma.几乎所有家庭的姓都是一个音节,常见的两个音节的姓有欧阳、司马等。 /201509/395397

  China is considering extending hukou, or household registration, to 13 million unregistered citizens, according to the Ministry of Public Security.据公安部表示,中国计划将1300万“黑户”人口纳入户籍人员之列。Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun presided over a meeting on Saturday to discuss the issue.Registration is a fundamental right for all citizens that is endorsed by the constitution and the law, according to the meeting.公安部高胜坤周六在主持一次会议时讨论了这个问题。会议指示,按照国家和法律规定,户籍登记是每位公民拥有的合法权利。According to the National Population Census in 2010, there are 13 million unregistered people nationwide, accounting for 1 percent of the country#39;s population.根据2010年全国人口普查,全国共有1300万“黑户”人口,占据总人口的1%。Without a hukou, a person is denied access to public education, reimbursement for healthcare costs and other welfare benefits.Parents who were unable to have more than one child under the old family planning policy, cannot register their children unless they pay a significant sum of money.如果一个人没有户口,他就没法上学,就医不能享受医疗保险和很多其他的社会福利。在传统的计划生育政策下,夫妇如果不缴纳巨额罚款就无法生育二胎。More than 60 percent of China#39;s unregistered people are in this category, according to research in 2014 by the Institute of Social Development at the National Development and Reform Commission.Other unregistered people include abandoned children, children born out of wedlock and those whose documents are missing.根据2014年国家发改委社会发展部门的调查, “超生”人口占据了“黑户”人口的60%。其他“黑户”人口包括孤儿、非婚生子女以及丢失文件的人。The research found that unregistered people tend to lack a sense of personal security, as they are excluded from the social security system. Without legal documents that identify them, unregistered people cannot travel long distances easily, which restricts population mobility, the research found.研究发现无户籍的人口因为被排除在社保体系之外,他们缺乏个人的安全感。研究发现,因为没有合法身份件明自己的存在,“黑户”人员不能长距离旅行,这样也限制了人口流动。Social instability increases and social inequalities escalate if some people are excluded from the hukou system, the ministry said during Saturday#39;s meeting.周六会议上,公安部表示,如果一些人没有户口,这会增加社会的不稳定性和加剧社会的不公平。The ministry declared its intention to help unregistered people obtain proper recognition and protect every citizens#39; right to hukou.公安部表示了其将帮助非户籍人口获得合法认可,保护每位公民的户口权利。Since the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 2013, the top leadership has issued several documents on hukou reform, signaling a determination to reform the system.2013年中央第十八届三中全会第三次会议以来,中央领导先后多次发布对户口进行改革的方案,确定了改革的决心。In late 2013, the government first relaxed the family planning policy, allowing couples to have a second child if one spouse was an only child.2013年底,政府第一次放宽了计划生育政策,允许夫妻双方一方为独生子的即可生育二胎。In October, China introduced an overall two-child policy, reducing the possibility of people remaining unregistered due to a violation of the country#39;s laws.今年10月,中国全面放开二胎政策,降低了因违法法律而增加未登记户口的人员的可能性。 /201511/412374

  Question: 提问:Is it possible to drink too much water?人有可能会饮水过量吗?I typically drink far more than the recommended six to eight glasses per day, and feel dehydrated if I adhere to the guidelines. I have no underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, that would lead to increased thirst.据说每天的建议饮水量是六到八杯,但我通常喝水都远多于此。如果要严格遵循上述指南饮水,我就感觉会脱水。补充一点,我并没有糖尿病之类会让人容易感觉口渴的病。Answer:回答:Absolutely, and if you do, you can develop a dangerous condition called hyponatremia, or water intoxication.人当然可以饮水过量,但这也可能会导致一种很危险的疾病:低钠血症,又称水中毒。Under normal conditions, the body beautifully maintains its fluid balance. Lose fluids through sweating, for instance, and your body responds with the feeling of thirst. You drink. If you swallow more liquid than needed just then, your body typically responds by excreting the excess through urination.在正常情况下,人体都很完美地保持着体液平衡。例如,在因出汗而丧失体液时,身体会做出反应让你感觉口渴,于是你就去喝水。如果摄入的液体量超过了所需,身体的反应通常是通过小便将多余的水分排泄出去。But should you consume so much fluid that your body can’t easily rid itself of the surplus, you dilute sodium levels in your blood. Osmosis then draws water from the blood into body cells to equalize sodium levels, and those cells swell. At that point, you have hyponatremia. If the cellular bloating occurs in the brain, it can be fatal.但如果你补液过多,以致身体没法一下子排出多余的水分,血液中的钠浓度就会下降。在渗透作用下,水从血液进入体细胞以平衡钠水平,这就会引起体细胞膨胀,你就患上了低钠血症。要是细胞水肿发生在大脑还可能导致致命后果。Until about 20 years ago, hyponatremia was extremely uncommon among healthy people. But then several marathon runners died from hyponatremia. In general, they had been middle- or back-of-the-pack, slower runners. They did not sweat much. But they drank plenty of water, trying to ensure that they would be well hydrated.直到大约20年前,低钠血症在健康人群中一直非常罕见。其后,有若干名马拉松运动员因低钠血症死亡。这些人大多是跑在参赛者群体的中后部、速度较慢的运动员。他们出汗不多,却大量饮水,一心想着要确保水分充足。Today, most knowledgeable coaches and exercise experts warn athletes not to overdrink. “You should drink only when you need to, when you are actually thirsty,” said Dr. James Winger, a professor of family medicine at Loyola University Medical Center, who has studied the hydration habits of athletes.如今,最有见识的教练和运动专家都警告运动员不要过量饮水。詹姆斯·温格(hydration habits)士是洛约拉大学医学中心(Loyola University Medical Center)的家庭医学教授,一直在研究运动员的补水习惯。他说:“你应该只在需要时,也就是你确实渴了时再喝水。”If you’re not sure whether you’re drinking too much or too little during exercise, try weighing yourself before and after a lengthy workout, experts advise. If you have lost more than about 3 or 4 percent of your body weight, you’re probably flirting with dehydration and might want to drink a bit more next time. But if you have gained weight or your fingers seem swollen and your rings tight, you’re most likely drinking too much and should moderate intake.专家建议,要是你拿不准自己在锻炼时是否饮水过多或过少,可以试试在长时间运动前后分别称一下体重。如果运动后你的体重减少了3%或4%以上,你很可能已经有轻度脱水,那么下次可以酌情多喝点水。然而,如果你体重增加了,或是你的手指看起来有点肿,戒指也似乎变紧了,就可能是饮水过多了,以后要注意适量即可。Most important, listen to your body’s signals, Dr. Winger said. “Thirst is a very reliable indicator,” he said, of whether and how much to drink.温格士说,最重要的是要听从身体给出的信号。要判断自己是否需要喝水以及需要喝多少,“口渴都是很可靠的指标,”他说。 /201509/401286。

  Tang Dynasty唐朝Military Power军事力量The Sui had instituted an army of professional soldiers known as Fubing, a basis for a standing army that was adopted by the Tang.隋朝创立了一专业的军队,称为府兵,他们是唐朝建立的常备军的基础。Military service was rotated between defence of the national frontiers and duty in the capital.兵役在国境防卫和都城执勤间往复。Using this army together with auxiliaries recruited from ethnic groups通过这军队以及来自少数民族的辅助军,the Tang rulers pushed back invaders and so extended their territorial control beyond China proper.大唐皇帝击退了侵略者,拓展了中国本土控制的疆域。At its peak of power, the Tang controlled large parts of central Asia all the way into Iran as well as Manchuria and most of the Korean peninsula.在其权力达到顶峰之时,唐朝控制了中亚的大部分地区,领土延伸至伊朗和满洲以及韩国半岛的大部分区域。The Tang became the greatest power in Asia.大唐成为了亚洲最强盛的国家。 /201511/405226


  San Francisco entrepreneurs Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt have come up with a revolutionary way for coffee lovers to get their early morning caffeine fix—chewable caffeine cubes. Each 35-calorie bite-sized #39;Go Cube#39; is the equivalent of drinking roughly half a cup of coffee. So if you#39;re running late with no time to brew a fresh cuppa joe, just pop two cubes and you#39;re good to go.来自洛杉矶的企业家杰弗里·伍和迈克尔·勃兰特最近提出了一种革命性的方法用以满足咖啡爱好者一大清早对咖啡因的需求——可嚼的咖啡块。每块“来一口”咖啡含有35卡路里。它看起来虽小,但咖啡因含量相当于半杯咖啡。所以,如果某一天你睡过头来不及泡杯新鲜咖啡的话,只要嚼两块就能出门啦。Go Cubes are 100 percent vegan, made of a special blend of compounds that improve memory and alertness. With a texture similar to gum drops, each cube contains 50 mg of caffeine, 10 mg of Vitamin B6, and 100 mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. B6 helps aid cognitive function, while theanine helps reduce the anxiety associated with a pure caffeine buzz. They also contain about six grams of sugar per cube, and come in three different flavors—pure drip, latte, and mocha.“来一口”咖啡块的成分不含肉类。它的配方很特殊,可以用来增强和反应能力。它外表看起来像水果泡泡糖,但每块都含有50毫克咖啡因、10毫克维生素B6和100毫克的茶氨酸(绿茶中也含有此类氨基酸)。维生素B6可以提升人的认知能力,茶氨酸则可以减轻咖啡因带来的焦虑现象。每块咖啡中也含有大约6克的砂糖。咖啡块有三种口味:滴滤、拿铁和抹茶。Brandt and Woo used crowdfunding to raise nearly ,000, and are now all set to release Go Cubes internationally—priced at .70 for six packs of four. That works out to about .73 per cup of coffee, which is cheaper than what you get at most coffee shops.勃兰特和伍通过众筹募集了接近4万美金,现在“来一口”咖啡块已经准备好推广到全球。每盒“来一口”有四块,每六盒的价格为20.70美元,按杯算的话相当于每杯咖啡1.73美元,这可比大部分咖啡店都便宜多了。According to their Indiegogo page, ;The amount, concentration, and ratio of each compound in Go Cubes were significantly drawn from double-blind, peer-reviewed journal studies that statistically demonstrate the compound#39;s efficacy and safety.; They have used a theanine-caffeine ratio of 2:1, which ;significantly improves the cognitive performance and alertness, beyond just each compound standalone.;他们在Indiegogo众筹网页面上的数据显示,“每块咖啡的净含量、浓度和各项成分比例等都是经过全程保密和同行审阅得到的。这些数据也明了咖啡块效果明显并且对人体无害。”在制作时,茶氨酸和咖啡因的比例是2:1,“只消一块咖啡,就可以大大提高人体认知和反应能力的效果。”;Our goal with Go Cubes is to combine what people love about coffee to make a cognitive-enhancing product that#39;s delicious, shareable, convenient, and affordable,; they revealed. ;We take pride in quality products and a brand that is both smart and down-to-earth.;他们说:“我们生产咖啡块就是为了迎合人们对咖啡的热爱,继而生产出一种能有效提高认知能力、价廉味美又方便携带和分享的产品。如今我们拥有优质的产品和醒目又实用的品牌,这让我们感到骄傲。”As fantastic as this sounds, you can#39;t really shake off the feeling that Go Cubes is just a fun way of marketing brain-enhancing drugs. But that#39;s the perception Brandt and Woo are trying hard to fight. They want to make nootropics—chemical supplements that make people smarter and more alert—user-friendly, so that#39;s why they#39;ve chosen to package them as candy instead of pills.虽然听起来很棒,但或许你还是觉得“来一块”不过是用巧妙的方式推销一种提神醒脑的药物罢了——换汤不换药。但是这一观念正是勃兰特和伍所渴望打破的。他们希望能生产出一种增强智力和反应力又对人体无害的益智食品。在产品包装上,他们用糖果包装取代了原来的药片包装,也是出于这样的考虑。But they are quick to add that Go Cubes are not a substitute for hard work, and should be used only to enhance potential and get into a productive state of mind. ;In principle, I can reach that state on my own,; Brandt said. ;When I first started using nootropics, what I thought was really cool is that they can help me reliably get into that state. I can take full advantage of that time every time.;不过他们很快补充说,咖啡块并不能代替艰苦的劳动,它只能用于提神醒脑和激活思维。勃兰特说:“其实凭我自己的意志也能达到那种状态。但当我第一次吃益智药物的时候,我发现它确实可以有效地帮助我达到那种状态,这让我觉得很酷。每当这时候,我的效率就特别高。” /201603/431204For jealous partners it could be the ultimate app -allowing you to see everything your partner does on their phone.对那些爱吃醋的“连体婴”来说,这款应用可谓是终极神器了——它能让你对恋人手机上的任何操作一清二楚。The mCouple app shows text messages, contacts, call history, and Facebook messages in real time.这款名为mCouple的应用能实时告诉你他手机上的短信,联系人,通话记录和脸书网信息。It can even show you the GPS co-ordinates of the phone, allowing you to see exactly where your partner is at all times.它甚至能告诉你恋人手机所处位置的GPS定位,让你随时知道你的恋人身在何处。One users claims the app worked on his girlfriend#39;s phone.一名用户在女友的手机上装了这款应用,称其十分好用。It really works. Thanks to this app, I am single right now because I caught my ex girlfriend cheating, #39; he said. #39;By the way she was the one who told me to download this one.#39;“这款应用的确很好用。多亏了它,我现在恢复了单身,因为我发现我的前女友劈腿。”他说。“顺便说,正是我的前女友让我下载这个应用的。”The free app creates an ID for each user. Users can share IDs and start “mutually tracking” each other#39;s devices.这款应用会为每个用户创立一个账号。不同的用户可以查询对方的账号,然后开始“相互跟踪”对方的手机。Users can then track this information from anywhere by signing into an online account and viewing it all on a dashboard. The dashboard produces charts that show which apps have been used and how often, while the person#39;s location is plotted on to a map.无论身在何处,用户们都可以通过这款应用查询相关讯息,只需要登录一个网络账号,然后信息就会显示在仪表板上。在仪表板上会有一个表格,显示手机使用过的应用名称和使用频率。还会显示一个地图,告诉你手机使用者现在的位置。 /201512/418486


  Donations from China#39;s top 100 philanthropists reached 12.8 billion yuan (.9 billion) in 2015, which included the largest single donation of 2.927 billion, according to a report by researchers at Beijing Normal University.根据北京师范大学的研究人员的一份报告显示,2015年中国捐赠百杰榜捐赠的总金额达到了128亿元人民币(折合19亿美元),而其中最大单笔捐赠金额为29.27亿。He Qiaonv, founder and chairman of Beijing Orient Landscape, topped the list after she promised to donate her company shares worth an estimated 2.927 billion to charity.北京东方园林生态股份有限公司的创始人兼董事长何巧女女士因承诺捐赠价值29.27亿元的公司股票,从而位居榜单第一。She has become the first woman to claim the No. 1 spot since the university#39;s China Philanthropy Research Institute began compiling the list in 2011. She is also the first female philanthropist to contribute more than one billion yuan to charity.据悉,她也是该榜单自2011年起由该校中国公益研究院发布以来的首个位居榜首的女性,同时也是首个捐赠额度超过10亿元的女性慈善家。Wang Jianlin, the chairman of Wanda, ranked fifth with his 360 million yuan donation. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. chairman Jack Ma donated 230 million, putting him in 10th place.万达集团董事长王健林捐赠3.6亿,在榜单中排行第5;阿里巴巴董事长马云则以2.3亿元的捐赠额排名第10。Although the philanthropists span 15 sectors, 21 work within the real estate industry, which also dominated the list in 2014.尽管这些慈善家覆盖了15个行业领域,但是依然有21人在从事房地产行业。在2014年房地产行业也统治了这份榜单。In regards to the geography of donations, Guangdong province in South China has 24 donors on the list, while Beijing ranks second, with 20. However, when the value of donations is taken into consideration, Beijing secures first place with 5.9 billion yuan.从捐赠地区看,位于中国南部的广东省继续以24位入榜者位居第一;北京以20人入榜,位列第二。但是当将捐赠的价值考虑在内的时候,北京则以59亿元的数额排名第一。Wang Zhenyao, director of the China Philanthropy Research Institute, said Guangdong has traditionally led the donations geographically, but in recent years, as economic conditions have changed, the donations have come from more diverse regions.中国公益研究院院长王振耀介绍,在地区上来讲,广东省历来一直处于领头位置,但近几年,随着经济形势发生变化,捐款已经来自更多的地区。 /201602/425400。



  A restaurant run by prisoners at a tough jail has been voted one of Britain#39;s top 10 fine dining venues.英国一所防范严密的监狱里的囚犯经营的餐厅被票选为英国十佳就餐场所之一。The Clink Restaurant, staffed by inmates from Cardiff and Prescoed prisons, beat establishments run by celebrity chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver to take 10th place.The Clink餐厅的务人员是来自加的夫(Cardiff)和普莱斯各(Prescoed)的监狱的囚犯。这家监狱餐厅打败了包括戈登#8226;拉姆齐(Gordon Ramsay)和杰米·奥利弗(Jamie Oliver)等名厨经营的餐厅,夺得了榜单的第十名。Included in the top 10 was michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat#39;Saisons in Great Milton, Oxfordshire, which came third.其他上榜餐厅还有位于牛津郡(Oxfordshire)大弥尔顿(Great Milton)的四季农庄餐厅(Le Manoir aux Quat#39;Saisons),这家米其林星级餐厅在榜单上位列第三。Reviews on website TripAdvisor were used to decide who should win the 2015 Travellers#39; Choice Restaurants awards.猫途鹰(TripAdvisor)网站上的用户被用于决定谁能赢得2015年旅行者首选餐厅奖(the 2015 Travellers#39; Choice Restaurants awards)。Customers said the ;friendly and informative staff; put other waiters to shame.顾客说,The Clink餐厅“友好且善于提供有用信息的员工”让别处的侍应相形见绌。The 96-seat restaurant, serving breakfast and lunch, opened to the public in 2012. Thirty inmates are each paid #163;14 for a 40-hour week.这家餐厅有96个座位,提供早餐和午餐,于2012年对公众开放。30位囚犯每周工作40小时,每人可获得14英镑的报酬。The Clink has been credited with helping to slash reoffending rates. Latest figures show it has reduced the rate of the released prisoners who worked there to 12.5 per cent.The Clink餐厅被认为有助于降低再犯率。最新数据显示,该餐厅把曾在此工作的囚犯获释后的再犯率降低至12.5%。TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay said: ;Given how competitive the UK restaurant industry is, the fact that The Clink Restaurant is the only winning Welsh restaurant demonstrates the incredibly high standard of food and service that the team consistently delivers to customers.;猫途鹰的发言人詹姆斯·凯伊(James Kay)称:“The Clink餐厅是威尔士唯一一家上榜的餐厅。考虑到英国餐饮业竞争的激烈程度,这无疑显示了这家餐厅的员工们坚持带给顾客的高水准饮食及务。”It was also named top spot in Cardiff out of 946 restaurants in the city.这家餐厅也被提名为全卡的夫市946家餐厅之中的就餐首选地。Opened in 2012, The Clink Cardiff is now one of four restaurants run by prisoners across the UK through The Clink Charity.卡的夫的The Clink餐厅于2012年开张,是慈善机构The Clink Charity在英国国内开的由囚犯提供务的四家餐厅之一。The charity also has restaurants at HMPs Brixton, High Down and Styal and aims to reduce reoffending through projects that train and give practical skills to prisoners to aid their rehabilitation.该慈善机构也在布里克斯顿(Brixton)监狱(HMP,即Her Majesty#39;s Prison)、高唐(High Down)监狱和斯蒂亚尔(Styal )监狱开了餐厅,旨在通过这些项目,培训囚犯并授予他们实用技能,帮助他们改过自新,以降低再犯罪率。Chris Moore, chief executive of The Clink Charity, said: ;The whole team is delighted to have made it into the top 10 restaurants in the UK by TripAdvisor users, and to be ranked so highly against almost 1,000 restaurants in the city of Cardiff is a huge achievement for us.;The Clink Charity的首席执行官克里斯·尔(Chris Moore)表示:“餐厅的所有员工都为餐厅被猫途鹰网友评选入围英国十佳餐厅榜单而高兴。打败了卡的夫市近1000家餐厅,并 得到这么高的评价,对我们来说是一项巨大成就。” /201510/405524

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