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乌鲁木齐激光祛真皮斑哪家医院好乌鲁木齐哪家医院双眼皮做的比较好B News –Foreign firms thatown property in the UK will have to declare their assets publicly in a bid tostamp out money-laundering, the government says.B新闻 在英国拥有物业的外国公司必须公开申报资产,以杜绝洗钱行 政府表示.Companies will have to be on a new registerif they hold property or want to compete for government contracts.公司如果持有物业或想要竞争政府合就必须做新的注册.The move comes as Prime Minister DavidCameron attempts to lead a wider effort to crack down on global corruption.此举推出正值卡梅伦首相力图领导更大范围的打击全球腐败的运动.World leaders are gathering in London for asummit aimed at stepping up action to tackle the problem.世界领导人将聚集伦敦参加旨在加大对付腐败问题行动力度的峰Downing Street said the register would mean;corrupt individuals and countries will no longer be able to move, launderand hide illicit funds through Londons property market, and will not benefitfrom our public funds;.唐宁街说,登记意味着!腐败的个人和国家将不再能够通过伦敦房地产市场转洗白和隐匿非法资不会从我国的公共资金中受!It said foreign companies owned about100,000 properties in England and Wales and that more than 44,000 of these werein London.它说,外国公司在英格兰和威尔士拥有0万处物业,其中超过4.4万处在伦Matthew Hancock, Cabinet Office Minister,said: ;It does not matter where in the world your company is registered ifyou own property in London or sell things to government, as part of governmentprocurement, then you have to declare the beneficial ownership, in other wordsthe ultimate ownership of the company.;内阁办公室部长汉考克!你的公司在世界上的哪个地方注册无关紧只要你在伦敦拥有物业,或作为政府采购的部分向政府卖东西,就必须申报受益所有权,换句话说就是公司的最终所有权.Mr Cameron will also announce plans for anew anti-corruption co-ordination centre in London and a wider corporateoffence for executives who fail to prevent fraud or money laundering insidetheir companies.卡梅伦还将宣布计在伦敦成立一个新的反腐败协调中心,以及把未能在其公司内部防止欺诈或洗钱的高管们纳入范围更广的公司犯Corruption is the cancer at the heart of somany of our problems in the world today, Mr Cameron wrote in the Guardian aheadof the summit.“腐败是今日世界处于我们众多问题核心的癌!卡梅伦峰会前在《卫报》发表文章说.It destroys jobs and holds back growth,costing the world economy billions of pounds every year. “它摧毁就业,抑制增长,让世界经济每年付出数十亿英镑的代!It traps the poorest in the most desperatepoverty as corrupt governments around the world siphon off funds and preventhard-working people from getting the revenues and benefits of growth that arerightfully theirs.“它使赤贫者因为世界各地的腐败政府侵吞资金而陷于最绝望的贫困中,使努力工作的人们无法得到他们本应得到的经济增长带来的收入和好! /201605/443178乌鲁木齐比较好的整容医院 China will launch a nation-wide campaign to eliminate online services and materials that help fraudsters, according to the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on last Tuesday.公安部上周二表示,我国将开展清理为诈骗分子提供便利的网络务和信息的全国性行动。During the campaign, which will run until September, police will clean up and crack down on online platforms that offer services such as account-stealing Trojan virus, information exchange or information on hacking, trading of ID and bank account information, and falsified certification, among others.此次行动将持续至9月。行动期间,公安机关将整治和打击提供盗号木马病毒、传播交流黑客技术的信息、销售公民身份、卡信息和虚假认等务的网络平台。The MPS, said cyber scams and cyber theft had become rampant in recent years, and offenders often go online to obtain the tools needed.公安部表示,近年来,网络诈骗、网络盗窃活动猖獗,不法分子经常通过网络获取所需的犯罪工具。Moreover, police will also remove information pertaining to cyber fraud off the Internet.此外,公安机关还将清除网络上涉及网络诈骗的信息。来 /201605/442882乌鲁木齐最好的整形医院是哪

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