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1.2010 New Year Speech Deliver by Hu Jintao, President of the Peoples Republic China1.中华人民共和国主席胡锦涛2010年新年致辞I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that China will uphold the banner of peace, development and cooperation, and adhere to the principle of safeguarding world peace and promoting common development. We will unswervingly take the road of peaceful development and implement a strategy of opening up for mutual benefit and win-win situation, actively develop friendly cooperation with all countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, actively participate in efforts by the international community to deal with the global financial crisis and climate change, and strive to build a harmonious world with lasting peace and common prosperity.借此机会,我愿郑重重申,中国将高举和平、发展、合作旗帜,恪守维护世界和平、促进共同发展的外交政策宗旨,始终不渝走和平发展道路,始终不渝奉行互利共赢的开放战略,坚持在和平共处五项原则的基础上同所有国家发展友好合作,继续积极参加应对国际金融危机、气候变化等问题国际合作,同各国人民一道推动建设持久和平、共同繁荣的和谐世界。At this moment on this planet we inhabit, there are still people who are suffering the effects of war, poverty, sickness and natural disasters. The Chinese people have great sympathy for their pain, and are always willing to do all we can to help them overcome the difficulties. I believe, with sustained efforts of people of all countries, the world civilization is sure to progress, and the humanitys well-being is certain to improve.此时此刻,在我们共同生活的这个星球上,还有不少民众正蒙受着战争、贫穷、疾病、自然灾害等苦难的煎熬。中国人民深切同情他们的不幸境遇,将一如既往向他们提供力所能及的帮助。我相信,经过世界各国人民不懈努力,世界文明必将不断发展,人类福祉必将不断增进。In the year 2010, the World Expo will be held in Shanghai, with a theme of ;Better City, Better Life;. We warmly welcome friends from all around the world to participate in this great event, and to compose a new chapter of promoting understanding and friendship with us.2010年,以“城市,让生活更美好”为主题的世界览会将在中国上海举行。我们热忱欢迎五大洲的朋友们共襄这一盛举,共同谱写增进相互了解和友谊的新篇章。Finally, from here in Beijing, I would like to wish you all happiness, peace and health in the New Year!最后,我从北京祝大家在新的一年里幸福安康!201701/486908

  But I want to encourage you to reject these cynics who say that technology is flattening your experience of the world Please dont let anyone make you think that youre any less somehow shallow 不过我劝你们别听这些讽世者的别听他们说什么 科技正在毁灭你们的真实世界体验有些人仅仅因为你喜欢经常更新状态Because you like to update your status on a regular basis The people who say that technology has disconnected you are wrong but so are the people who say that technology has automatically connected you 就说你变得有些浅薄 别听他们的认为科技让你们疏于联系的论调是错误的相反 认为科技自动让人联系起来的论调也是错误的Technology is just a tool Its a powerful tool but its just a tool 科技只是一个工具它是一个强有力的工具但仍然只是工具Deep human connection is very different Its not a tool 人之间深入的联系非常独特它不是工具Its not a means to the end It is the end Its the purpose of a meaningful life 它不是实现目的的手段而是目的本身它是有意义的生活的目标And it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity In his famous speech ;Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution; Martin Luther King Jr. Said 它能激发这些最美妙的行为 爱 慷慨 人性在着名演讲《在大变革中保持清醒》中马丁.路德.金说Through our scientific and technological genius we have made of this world a neighborhood and yet we have not had the ethical commitment to make of it a brotherhood 通过我们的科学和技术天赋;我们让这个世界变为邻里;但我们仍然缺少让世界充满手足之情的伦理担当Now with 50 years of hindsight I think its fair to say that Dr. King was a little premature in calling the worlds a neighborhood 根据50年后的后见之明我想 金牧师那时就将世界看作邻里未免有些为时过早Back then Americans lumped whole continents into something they called the Third World as if what defined people on the other side of the planet 在当时美国把世界上大面积的土地都笼统归为第三世界让人觉得似乎地球另一端的民众201608/457718

  And there are also tons of collaborators.并且游戏世界里有很多的人可以协作。Everywhere you go, hundreds of thousands of people y to work with you to achieve your epic mission.不论你到了哪里,都会有成千上万的人等着和你合作去完成那些艰巨的任务。Thats not something that we have in real life that easily,this sense that at our fingertips are tons of collaborators.在现实生活中就没有这么轻松了,这种在我们指尖间就有成千上万合作伙伴的感觉在现实生活中就没有这么简单了。And also there is this epic story, this inspiring story of why were there, and what were doing.在游戏中会有美妙的故事情节,而这些情节吸引了我们,并且激励着我们的所作所为。And then we get all this positive feedback.同时,对于我们所做出的任何努力都会有一个积极肯定的回应。You guys have heard of leveling up and plus-one strength,and plus-one intelligence.你们肯定听说过等级提升,伴随着等级提升力量加一点同时智力加一点。We dont get that kind of constant feedback in real life.而我们在现实生活中就没有这种持续的回馈。When I get off this stage Im not going to have plus-one speaking, and plus-one crazy idea,plus-20 crazy idea.比如说,当我走下这个舞台的时候,我不会有演说能力加一,疯狂的创意能力加一更不用说疯狂的创意能力加20了。I dont get that feedback in real life.在现实生活中我没有得到任何奖励。Now, the problem with collaborative online environments like World of Warcraft is that its so satisfying to be on the verge of an epic win all the time that we decide to spend all our time in these game worlds.在网络虚拟环境中,比如《魔兽世界》和别人协作是一件非常惬意的事情,因为我们可以不停得向最终的胜利冲击,也正是因为如此我们才会一直沉醉于游戏世界中。Its just better than reality.因为它比现实更好。So, so far, collectively all the World of Warcraft gamers have spent 5.93 million years solving the virtual problems of Azeroth.到目前为止,《魔兽世界》的游戏玩家们已经花费了总数为593万年的时间去解决艾泽拉斯里面的各种虚拟的问题。Now, thats not necessarily a bad thing.这不是一件坏事。It might sound like its a bad thing.不过听起来像是一件坏事。But to put that in context:我们把这些数字写下来:5.93 million years ago was when our earliest primate human ancestors stood up.593万年前,我们人类的祖先灵长类开始了直立行走。That was the first upright primate.这是第一种直立行走的灵长类动物。Okay, so when we talk about how much time were currently investing in playing games, the only way it makes sense to even think about it is to talk about time at the magnitude of human evolution,which is an extraordinary thing.因此,当我们谈论我们在游戏上花费了那么多时间时,唯一让这件事情合理的理解方式就是:去想一想在人类进化进程中,我们所花费的时间有多少,而且这是一件多么不同寻常的事情!But its also apt. Because it turns out that by spending all this time playing games,were actually changing what we are capable of as human beings.这样去想是恰当的,因为你会发现,通过花费大量的时间去玩游戏,我们能改变我们做人的能力。We are evolving to be a more collaborative and hearty species.我们正不断发展成为一个更具有协作精神和更强健的物种。This is true. I believe this.这是真的,我深信不疑。So, consider this really interesting statistic;it was recently published by a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.来看一个有趣的调查,这份调查结果是由一位来自卡内基梅隆大学的研究者发布的。201605/445477。

  美国习惯用语-第50讲:to be swept off one's feetDon't let the grass grow under one's feet 今天我们再来讲两个和 foot 或 feet 有关的俗语。我们曾经讲过: to stand on one's own two feet,这是独立自主,依靠自己的意思。我们还讲过: to throw oneself at someone's feet,这是公开表示对某人的爱慕之情,或是拍马奉承、百般讨好某人。可是,被爱慕或讨好的对象往往会突然感到非常兴奋而不由自主地变得飘飘然起来。这种情景在英文里是这么说的: to be swept off one's feet。下面我们要举的一个例子就可以看出一个人在 throwing himself at someone's feet 以后所可能产生的后果: 例句-1: "Dick was so crazy about Jane that he threw himself at her feet. Jane was swept off her feet and they're getting married next Tuesday." 这句话的意思是:“迪克实在是爱简,他完全拜倒在她的石榴裙下。这一下使得简感到飘飘然,不由自主了。他们竟然决定下星期二就结婚。” 这种闪电式的结婚确实有点过于匆忙。下面一个例子就是一个人在劝他的朋友不要草率从事。这也说明 to be swept off one's feet 这个俗语不一定完全适用于被爱慕的人,也可以用在其他场合: 例句-2: "Hal, I know how anxious you are to get married and start a family. But don't let yourself get swept off your feet by a pretty face: think about what you are doing before you get caught." 他说:“海尔,我知道你是非常急于结婚成家。但是,你不要被一张漂亮的脸弄得昏昏然的。在问题还没有发生前,你得脑子清楚一些,明白自己到底在干什么。” 像结婚这样的事确实应该慎重考虑,不能操之过急。但是有的时候,我们处理事情也不能拖拖拉拉,浪费时间。这在英文里就是: Don't let the grass grow under one's feet。 Grass 是指草。 Don't let the grass grow under one's feet 从字面上来解释,这句话的意思是:不要让草在你脚底下长出来,实际上也就是说,你不要什么事也不干,浪费时间。我们来举一个例子吧: 例句-3: "Right now the house is a real bargain. Don't let the grass grow under your feet -- sign the agreement today before somebody grabs it." 这是一个房产经纪人在对一个买主说话。他说:“现在房产价格实在是非常便宜。你不要浪费时间,最好今天就签合同,免得给别人把这栋房子抢走。” Don't let the grass grow under your feet 是推销产品的人经常说的话。下面的例子是一个汽车商在对顾客说话: 例句-4: "I tell you, don't let the grass grow under you feet -- this is the last day of this sale and the price on this model goes up a thousand dollars tomorrow!" 他说:“我告诉你,今天是这次减价的最后一天。这种型号的车子,明天就要上涨一千美元。所以你不要犹豫不决,浪费时间。” 上面我们给大家介绍了两个和 foot 或者 feet 这个字有关的习惯用语。第一个是: to be swept off one's feet,这是指一个人由于一件使他兴奋的事而感到不由自主。今天我们讲的另一个习惯用语是: Don't let the grass grow under one's feet,这是劝人不要停止不前,浪费时间。 /200601/3005

  3_01 Calling a Taxi Hey! 嘿! Taxi! 出租车! Over here! 这里! How’re you doings? 你好吗? Thanks for stopping. 谢谢你停下来. Downtown , please. 请到市中心. I just arrived.. 我刚到. I want to go downtown. 我要到市中心. I want to see the sights. 我要看看值得看的东西. /200706/14134When I say it makes some people happy, I dont just mean that theyre pleasurable, although thats part of it.我说它能让一部分人幸福,并不是仅指它令人愉悦的那部分。But, theres more to it than that.虽然愉悦这一点是幸福的组成部分,但还有更多的东西在里边。A homosexual relationship, like a heterosexual relationship, can be an important avenue of meaning and long-term fulfillment in peoples lives.同性恋的情感关系和异性恋的情感关系一样,是人们沟通的管道,可以让长久的人生变得充实丰满。This is the kind of thing that we celebrate when we talk about heterosexuality.当我们谈到异性恋情感的时候,我们都会祝福赞美这一点。We celebrate it everywhere from great literature to romance novels to trashy shows on MTV.天南地北的人们都用文学艺术小说甚至电视肥皂剧来赞颂这种美好的事物。You know these shows?随便什么电视节目。You can feel your brain cells dying as you watch some of these shows; you know the ones.哪怕是让你死掉无数大脑细胞的烂节目。But they have this point in common about finding a special someone, connecting with that person, expressing your feelings for that person in a way for which mere words would be inadequate.它们都在这一点上有相同的共识:在人海中找到某人,和他或她建立联系,用连语言都不足以表达的各种方式,传递你对他或她的情感。This is a wonderful, beautiful part of the human experience.这是多么美好的人生体验啊!If were going to deny this to a whole group of people by saying, ;You cant have that. Thats wrong,; we better have a darn good reason.如果我们队整整一群人说:;错,你们不配拥有这些。;然后否定他们,禁止他们拥有这样的情感...见鬼,我们真有那么充分的理由吗?So, lets look at what some of those reasons might be.好吧,我们就说说这些;理由;都是些什么样的。And the first reason that Im going to look at, the first argument is the argument that homosexuality is wrong because the Bible condemns it.先说第一个理由,第一个反对同性恋的论点说,同性恋之所以有错,是因为圣经谴责它。Now, when I say ;the Bible,; I could be talking about a lot of different things.当我说到圣经的时候,广义上其实指的可能是一系列不同的东西。There are many different scriptural texts that different groups of people recognize as authoritative.圣经有非常多不同版本的教义文本,不同的信仰人群会选择奉不同的版本为圭臬。Even if we focus on the Judeo-Christian tradition, which is actually a melding of different traditions, there are arguments about which books should be included, which translations are authoritative, and so on.我们暂且只提所谓的;犹太--基督教;传统(犹太教和基督教共有的)。它也是有很多种不同的传统组成,而且对于不同的篇章是否会被奉为圣经的真义,哪些译本更有权威也有许多争论。We could go through all of that, but lets put that aside.这些问题我们统统放在一边,不去管它。So as you know what Im talking about when I talk about the Bible.我先假设当我提到圣经的时候,你们懂得我的所指。And when we look to that Judeo-Christian Bible, we find some things that actually sound pretty negative with respect to same-sex relationships.那么当我们翻阅犹太--基督教的圣经时,我们会发现里边有一些对同性关系颇为负面的言语。The book of Leviticus says, ;Man shall now lie with man, as with woman. It is an abomination unto God.;比如利未记中:;不可与男人苟合,像与女人一样,这本是可憎恶的。;Of course, the book of Leviticus calls a number of other things abominations that we dont tend to pay attention to quite as often.当然,利未记中也把其他的一些行为叫做;可憎恶的;,而这些人们却常常视若不见。The book of Leviticus says that eating shellfish is an abomination unto God.比如利未记中说到食用甲壳类海鲜是;可憎恶的;(利未记第11章10-11节)。Shrimp cocktail? Not if you follow Leviticus.虾肉大餐吗?按利未记的说法那是不能吃的。The book of Leviticus says that wearing clothing of mixed fiber is an abomination unto God.利未记里说穿不同布料缝成的衣是上帝憎恶的。Cotton-polyester blends? Not if you follow Leviticus.绦纶混纺?按利未记的说法那是不能穿的。The book of Leviticus says that touching the carcass of a dead pig is an abomination unto God.利未记甚至说,触碰死去的猪的遗骸是上帝憎恶的。Football? Not if you follow Leviticus.橄榄球?按利未记的说法那是不能玩的。They used to be made of pigskin. Stay with me.橄榄球是用猪皮做的。瞧瞧这逻辑。And its not just the book of Leviticus, and its not just the Old Testament.说这些的不止利未记一篇,也不只是旧约里的篇章。As we look through the Bible, we find a number of things that seem, at best, morally problematic.我们翻阅整个圣经,会发现一大堆东西都存在伦理道德问题。St. Paul says, ;Women must remain silent in the churches.;圣保罗说过:;在教堂里让你们的妇人保持沉默。;Doesnt seem to me like good moral advice.对我来说可不像是什么好的道德建议。(那圣咏合唱需要高音怎么办?小男孩呗。小男孩变声了怎么办?切掉呗。于是阉人歌手登场。多么道德啊!)201605/443570I can see Im losing you, Bob, but stay with me, because here is the really killer feature.我知道你开始听不懂了,鲍勃,但请听我说完,因为现在才是产品的杀手锏The product is completely adaptive.这种产品具有极强的适应力Its able to actually develop targeted antibodies to threats that its never even met before.它可以针对从未见过的病原制造出相应的抗体It actually also does this with incredible prudence, detecting and reacting to every tiny threat,它还十分精准,发现并对每种危机做出反应and furthermore, remembering every previous threat, in case they are ever encountered again.并且记住每一次外界入侵,以防再次遭遇同种危险What Im pitching you today is actually not a stand-alone product.我今天想和你们讲的其实不是一种独立运作的产品The product is embedded in the larger system of the human body,这种产品与整个人体相结合and it works in complete harmony with that system, to create this unprecedented level of biological protection.并且和整体和谐共处,创造出了史无前例的生物保护机制So Bob, just tell me honestly, what do you think of my product?鲍勃,请你诚实地告诉我,你觉得这款产品怎么样?And Bob may say something like,鲍勃可能会说I sincerely appreciate the effort and passion that have gone into your presentation, blah blah blah --我真挚地赞赏你在展示中所表现出的努力和热情,啦啦啦啦……But honestly, its total nonsense.但是讲实话,简直是胡说八道You seem to be saying that the key selling points of your product are that it is inefficient and complex.你似乎在讲你产品的买点是它的极其低效和冗杂Didnt they teach you 80-20? And furthermore, youre saying that this product is siloed.你难道没有学过80/20法则吗?而且你还似乎在说这种产品很浪费It overreacts, makes things up as it goes along and is actually designed for somebody elses benefit.它反应过激,制造出东西又无的放矢,效益明显不高Im sorry to break it to you, but I dont think this one is a winner.很抱歉让你遗憾了,但它肯定没有希望201612/483149

  But it doesnt have to end there.而这个过程可以实现永无止境。This is really exciting.这是令人非常激动的。According to Herodotus, after 18 years the famine wasnt getting better,so the king decided they would play one final dice game.据希罗多德所着,在18年后大饥荒没有任何改善、变好的迹象,因此,国王决定全国人玩最后一次骰子游戏。They divided the entire kingdom in half.他把全国人平均分成两组。They played one dice game,and the winners of that game got to go on an epic adventure.他们一起玩一场骰子游戏,游戏的胜利一方将会踏上冒险的远征行程。They would leave Lydia,and they would go out in search of a new place to live,leaving behind just enough people to survive on the resources that were available,and hopefully to take their civilization somewhere else where they could thrive.他们将会离开Lydia,去寻找一个新地方居住,留下来的人则可以用现存的资源度过饥荒,离开的人则肩负着传播、兴旺文明的重担。Now, this sounds crazy, right?这听起来很疯狂,难道不是吗?But recently, DNA evidence has shown that the Etruscans,who then led to the Roman Empire,actually share the same DNA as the ancient Lydians.不过,最近DNA据显示罗马帝国的祖先—伊楚利亚人和古利迪亚人拥有相同的基因。And so, recently, scientists have suggested that Herodotuscrazy story is actually true.最近科学家们发现,希罗多德的疯狂故事在历史上确有其事。And geologists have found evidence of a global cooling that lasted for nearly 20 years that could have explained the famine.地质学家也寻找到了据表明地球上曾经有过长达20年的全球降温,这就可以解释这次大饥荒的由来了。So, this crazy story might be true.因此,这个看似疯狂的故事兴许是真的。They might have actually saved their culture by playing games,escaping to games for 18 years,and then been so inspired,and knew so much about how to come together with games,that they actually saved the entire civilization that way.他们通过玩游戏保留了他们的文化,并且在游戏中躲避现实长达18年最终得以流传下来,他们早就参悟出了如何通过游戏把人聚到一起,也正是通过这种方式拯救了整个文明。Okay, we can do that.我们也可以通过这种方式做到。Weve been playing Warcraft since 1994.人们从1994年开始就在玩魔兽了。That was the first real-time strategy game from the World of Warcraft series. That was 16 years ago.这是魔兽世界系列里的第一款实时的战略游戏,而这就是16年前的事情。They played dice games for 18 years,weve been playing Warcraft for 16 years.古人玩骰子游戏长达18年,我们则玩魔兽16年。I say we are y for our own epic game.所以我断言,我们已经准备好去接受一个能改变我们生活的游戏了。Now, they had half the civilization go off in search of a new world,so thats where I get my 21 billion hours a week of game-play from.古人通过所掌握的二分之一的文明去寻找新世界,而我们现在则有每周长达210亿小时的玩游戏时间。201606/449391Neither immigration nor Islamic extremism are impossible to deal with.移民问题和伊斯兰恐怖主义都不是不可能解决的Join me now on one last trip, this time to Mexico.现在跟我来看看最后的这个例子,这一次我们转向墨西哥Now, of our three stories, this one probably surprised me the most,在所有三个故事中,这一个可能是最令我惊讶的since as you all know, the country is still struggling with so many problems.正如你们所知,这个国家仍然在跟很多问题做斗争And yet, a few years ago, Mexico did something然而,几年前墨西哥做了一件that many other countries from France to India to the ed States can still only dream of.很多其它国家,从法国、印度到美国,现在仍然只能梦想的事情It shattered the political paralysis that had gripped it for years.那是它打破了困扰了好多年的政治僵局To understand how, we need to rewind to the year 2000, when Mexico finally became a democracy.要想理解的它是怎样做到的,我们需要倒回到2000年,那时墨西哥终于成为了一个民主国家Rather than use their new freedoms to fight for reform, Mexicos politicians used them to fight one another.墨西哥的政客们不是利用新获得的自由去推动改革,而是利用它们去互相攻击。Congress deadlocked, and the countrys problems --国会陷入僵持,而这个国家面临的问题——drugs, poverty, crime, corruption-- spun out of control.毒品、贫困、犯罪、腐败--都失去了控制Things got so bad that in 2008, the Pentagon warned that Mexico risked collapse.到了2008年,情况已经变得非常糟糕了,五角大楼警告说墨西哥有崩溃的风险Then in 2012, this guy named Enrique Pena Nieto somehow got himself elected president.然后到了2012的年,这个叫做恩里克·培尼亚·涅托的家伙,不知怎么的选上了总统Now, this Pena hardly inspired much confidence at first.这个培尼亚一开始就艰难地激发了人们的自信心。Sure, he was handsome, but he came from Mexicos corrupt old ruling party, the PRI, and he was a notorious womanizer.当然,他很帅,他来自墨西哥腐败的旧执政党,革命制度党,并且是一个臭名昭着的In fact, he seemed like such a pretty boy lightweight事实上,他看起来完全像是一个无足轻重的小人物that women called him ;bombon,; sweetie, at campaign rallies.在竞选集会上妇女们叫他夹心巧克力,亲爱的And yet this same bombón soon surprised everyone by hammering out a truce between the countrys three warring political parties.而就是这个夹心巧克力很快就通过让这个国家三个互相争斗的政党达成休战协议而令人刮目相看。201706/513176

  Thank you. Im honored. Im honored to be here. Ill just say a few things about myself. Thats all I really know about. And itll be brief.Thank you. Twenty years ago, I was almost a student here. Cornell University actually accepted me. I still tell people that I was accepted at an Ivy League school because, well, thats very impressive. It was the cold one in the middle of nowhere, but it was still an Ivy.But way back when I graduated high school, I didnt leave California to join all the bright students here wearing face masks in the winter to keep out the wind chill. I went to sunny UCLA. Since then, Ive been to a ton of schools and a bunch of these graduations. Some good, some boring.And being someone whos probably been to more of these than most, at least as a student, I can tell you that I remember very little from any of them, except for my high school graduation, when Steve Jobs spoke because his daughter was in my class. And he told us that, before dropping out of Reed, he took a calligraphy class, which led to all the different fonts that are now available to Mac users. So take that as a lesson. Learn calligraphy, and maybe you, too, will one day have a movie made about you starring Michael Fassbender.But anyway, this being only your first college graduation, take it from me – you wont remember much of what I say today, but dont worry. Despite that, Ill still try to give you some of my best wisdom. Now, if you know anything about me, you probably know that Ive played a lot of characters who actively partake in the use of marijuana. Actually, thats often the only thing that people know about me. And I dont know whether I should take that as a compliment of my acting abilities – because I actually dont smoke weed – or if I just have a naturally stonerish demeanor that lends itself to movies like Pineapple Express and This is the End. Resting stoned face, you could call it.But in fact, for most of my adult life, Ive done the opposite of checking out. Ive been struggling to find a way to check in. After not enrolling in an Ivy League school, I dropped out of UCLA because I knew that I wanted to be an actor and I wasnt in their theater program. So I went to an acting school in the San Fernando Valley. My parents said that they would no longer support me if I wasnt in college, so I got a job at the only place that would hire me: McDonalds. And as you can imagine, my parents were very proud of their son, who left a first-class education to work at the drive-thru window.But at the time, I knew that I wanted to be an actor at any cost. But what I didnt know was that I could actually act and go to school at the same time. If the me today could pull a Matthew McConaughey and talk to the James Franco of the past, I would say, ;Dude, you only went to one school? You couldnt act and go to school?;201606/450927

  In a couple of minutes, you will become a graduate but I hope that, for the rest of your life, you will remain a student. 几分钟后 你们就将毕业但我希望你们剩下的人生中 保持一个学生的心态Your capacity to learn is the greatest asset you have in life Never give it up and never sell it short. 学习能力是一生中最宝贵的资产永远不要放弃它 永远不要低估它Every day, I take a Spanish lesson I widely. 每天 我都会去学西班牙语我广泛阅读I listen to people who have unique insights And most importantly, I ask questions. 倾听人们的独特见地而且最重要的是 我会问问题Dont ever be afraid to ask a question It is not embarrassing. 永远不要害怕问问题问问题并不难为情It is a sign of intellectual honesty The most powerful word in the English language is ;Why;. 它代表了你智力上的诚实英语中最强大的单词就是;为什么;Because there is nothing so powerful as an open mind Whatever path you choose in life. 因为没有任何事物比思想开放更强大不管你们选择怎样的生活道路Whether it involves scientific discovery, technological innovation entrepreneurial activity, public service. 无论从事科学发现 技术创新创业活动 公共务Artistic expression, or anything else -- be a lifelong student. 艺术表现 还是别的领域都要记得当一辈子的学生Because the day you stop learning is the day you start dying The world is full of people who have stopped learning. 因为停止学习的那天起 你就会开始死去世界上有很多人停止了学习And who think theyve got it all figured out Youve no doubt met some of them aly and youll meet plenty more. 他们认为自己弄清了一切你们无疑见过这样的人 未来还会碰到更多Their favorite word is ;No; They will give you a million reasons. 他们最喜欢说;不;他们会讲一大堆理由Why something cant be done or shouldnt be done Dont listen to them, dont be deterred by them. 说有些事情不能做 或不应该做别听他们的 别受他们影响And dont become one of them Not if you want to fulfill your potential. 更别成为他们的一员如果你还想实现自我价值And not if you want to change the world for the better not if you want to share the great American dream. 如果你还想让世界变得更好如果你还想拥抱那份伟大的美国之梦201607/455120。

  VOA流行美语 137: workaholic/nuttyLesson 137 - workaholic / nuttyLarry陪李华带着她新领养的猫咪-小雪球-去看兽医。两人聊起了一位共同的朋友。今天李华会学到两个常用语:workaholic和nutty.LL: I'm really worried about Bob. He seems as though he has turned into a real workaholic.LH: 你很担心Bob,因为他成了workaholic. Workaholic, 那是什么意思?是不是Bob生病了?LL: No, Bob doesn't have a disease. He's a workaholic. A workaholic is someone who works all of the time and never takes time for anything else.LH: 啊,我懂你的意思了。Workaholic是指一个人工作过度,从来不休息。就是“工作狂”的意思嘛!Bob天天加班,怪不得他看起来总是那么累。这样对身体很不好呢!LL: No, it's not. Workaholics often get stress-related problems such as high blood pressure or ulcers.LH: 就是,高血压和溃疡都是一些工作过度的人常有的毛病。我爸爸就是个工作狂。我小的时候很少见到他,因为他总是在办公室里加班。结果在我10岁的时候,他得了溃疡,医生要他立刻减少工作量。LL: That's a shame, but it's actually pretty common. I've known a few workaholics, too.LH: 现代人工作忙碌,变成工作狂是很常见的。哎,Larry也许我们应该和Bob谈谈,让他知道我们很担心他。LL: I don't know how he'll respond to that. Maybe it would be better if we just pressured him to hang out with us and relax more.LH: 这倒是个好主意,让他和我们一起出去玩,一定可以放松心情的! 要不这样吧!我们可以邀请Bob下星期到我家玩,顺便看看我的小雪球!LL: I don't know if meeting your crazy cat is going to help prevent Bob from becoming a workaholic, but at least it will get him out of the office for a while.LH: 嘿!我的小雪球才不疯呢!她只不过是只小猫咪,爱玩而已嘛!******LL: Well, did the vet officially diagnose your cat as being totally nutty?LH: Nutty? 那是什么意思。你该不是在说我的小雪球有什么行为方面的问题吧?LL: You could say that. Nutty means crazy.LH: 所以nutty就是疯疯颠颠的意思。哎,我跟你说过了,小雪球不疯。她只是比较好动。LL: Did the vet agree with you?LH: 当然喽!兽医还说,小雪球既不疯,也没有心理问题。她只是一只小猫,所以特别需要别人注意她。兽医还说我应该经常陪小雪球玩。LL: Oh, I see, she's so nutty because she has too much extra energy. If we play with her and tire her out, she'll be calmer.LH: 没错,只要我们多陪陪她,消耗她的体力,她就不会精力旺盛地动来动去。所以我打算用绳子做一些小玩具,每天至少陪她玩15分钟。LL: Hey, that actually sounds fun. Can I help?LH: 当然喽!但是你得先答应我,不可以再叫她是个小疯子,或是nutty了。这样我才让你和她玩。可以吗?LL: All right, I won't make fun of your nutty cat anymore.LH: Larry! 你怎么又这么说她啊!LL: I'm just kidding. I think it's funny that you get so offended when I call Snowball nutty.LH: 我当然要生气咯!小雪球是只很乖的小猫。我真的很喜欢她。所以你不可以这样嘲笑她。LL: Okay, I won't. Let's take her home and play with her now. I'm sure she doesn't want to stay here any longer.今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是workaholic,指的是一个人工作过度,不休息,也就是我们常说的:工作狂。另一个常用语是nutty,是指行为疯疯颠颠的,不太正常。 /200602/3357

  With Gods grace, life always triumphs over death, freedom overcomes oppression, and faith extinguishes fear.有上帝的恩典,在死亡之后,生活总是胜利的,自由战胜压迫,信仰让恐惧消失。This is the source of our hope - and our confidence in the future.这是我们希望的源泉--也是我们在未来的信心。I also want to give a special message to those struggling Americans who have felt for too long the bitter taste of hardship.我也想向那些感到太长时间困难苦头,在生活中挣扎的人们,给出特别的信息。I want you to know: this White House is fighting for you.我想让你们知道:白宫在为你们而战。We are fighting for every American who has been left behind.我们为每一个已经掉队的人而战。We are fighting for the right of all citizens to enjoy safety and peace我们为所有公民享受安全和和平的权利而战and to work and live with the dignity that all Children of God are entitled to know.所有上帝的孩子都有资格带着尊严去工作和生活。As long as we have faith in each other, and trust in God, we will succeed.只要我们彼此信任,相信上帝,我们将能成功。Thank you. Have a Happy Easter, and a Happy Passover. God bless you. And God bless America.谢谢你们。复活节快乐,逾越节快乐。上帝保佑你们。上帝保佑美国。201704/505484

  2 Character Beginner A: do you like Barry? B: no, not very much. He’s too ambitious and dishonest. A: I agree. I like his brother, Paul. They are not alike. B: yes. They are completely different. Paul is very sociable and much more honest than his brother. A: what kind of person do you consider yourself to be? B: I think I’m polite, careful, relaxed and shy. A: oh, I don’t think you’re shy! You are always chatting with new people when we go to a party. B: well, yes, but those people always start talking to me. I never talk to them first. Perhaps I’m not as shy as I think. Anyway, you’re certainly not shy! A: You’re right. I love going out and making new friends. B: so, you’ll be at my birthday party on Friday? A: Of course! Intermediate A: How do you think people get their personalities? B: I think it’s mainly from the environment a person lives it. A: Don’t you think people get their personalities from their parents? B: no, but parents control a lot of the environment that kids grow up in, so they certainly influence their kid’s personalities a lot. A: So why do you think many kids have personalities that are so different to their parents. B: maybe when they become teenagers, they want to be completely different to their parents. A: You might be right. I guess most parents want their kids to be like them, but kids today grow up in a different environment. You know, they know much more about the world from the internet, newspapers, and tv. B: do you think that teenagers get a lot of their bad behaviour from tv and movies? A: Maybe some of it. I think a lot of people blame TV and movies when the real problem is that the parents aren’t bringing their child up correctly. B: Parents have a difficult job. They have to bring up their children and usually have to work too. A: Yes, that’s fine. Your son is doing well at school, isn’t he? B: yes, he is. He’s very hardworking when he’s at school. Then he comes home from school and does homework before dinner. After dinner, he goes out with his friends. A: So, he’s not a bookworm? It’s good that he has an outgoing personality. Some kids are very quiet and introverted. You wonder they’ll survive in the real world without their parents to support them. words Polite extrovert careless innocent impolite aggressive friendly frank kind ambitious unfriendly honest energetic serious relaxed shy quiet noisy outgoing careful thoughtful curious funny stubborn arrogant reliable jealous sociable phrases Look relaxed appear shy think of someone have a personality be considered pretend to be to be alike completely different /200704/12808

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