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Chinese scholars and professors teaching at Confucius Institutes across the ed States on type J-1 visas have been requested to leave the country no later than June 30.在美国持有J-1签的孔子学院中国教师日前得令,将不得不于6月30日离境。The mandate follows a U.S. Department of State announcement issued on May 17, the People#39;s Daily reported.据《人民日报》报道,美国国务院5月17日发布了这个公告。U.S. authorities said they would not renew the Chinese visiting scholars#39; visas, and suggested those who wish to teach in the U.S. again fill out new applications for ;proper visas.;美方称不会为这些访问学者续签签;如果他们愿意,可回到中国再申办适当的交流项目签。The U.S. is also said to launch a new round of certification inspections and review the academic proficiency of the China state-funded language and culture institute.美方还称,将要审查中国投资开办的语言文化学校——孔子学院的学术资质。The Confucius Institute Headquarters in China have contacted the deans of several U.S. universities which organize such cultural exchange programs, saying China respects U.S. law but would not wish to see the negative impact should the U.S. discontinue the link.中国国家汉办(孔子学院总部)已经致信数所开设孔子学院的美国大学校长,指出中方尊重美国的法律法规,但不愿意看到因此而造成中断项目的后果。 /201205/183771。

Germany is the most positively viewed nation in the world in this year#39;s annual Country Ratings Poll for the B World Service.英国广播公司(B)的全球民意调查显示,德国成为全世界最受好评的国家。More than 26,000 people were surveyed internationally for the poll. They were asked to rate 16 countries and the European Union on whether their influence in the world was ;mainly positive; or ;mainly negative;. Germany came out top with 59% rating it positively. Iran was once again the most negatively viewed.这次调查接触了世界各地2.6万多名调查对象,请他们对16个国家和欧盟品头论足,品评它们对世界的影响主要是积极还是消极。德国脱颖而出,有59%的人评价其具有积极影响,居各国之首。与之相反,伊朗再次成为最被消极看待的国家。Global views of Europe#39;s biggest country have improved significantly in 2013, according to the poll. It was conducted for the B by GlobeScan and PIPA, who conducted face-to-face and telephone interviews with randomly selected people, mainly in urban centres, in 25 countries around the globe.B的这次调查是通过“环球扫描”和PIPA公司开展的,在全球25个国家(主要在城市中心)随机选择受访者,通过面对面采访和电话访谈的方式进行调查。View of India deterioratesA three-point increase in Germany#39;s average rating returned it to the top of the B list, displacing Japan, which saw its positive ratings drop from 58% to 51%, and fell from first to fourth place overall.作为去年榜首的日本,其好评已经从58%降到了 51%,总体地位从第一名降到第四名。The UK saw a bigger increase in positive ratings than any other country and climbed to third place in the table, in the wake of its hosting of the 2012 Olympics.英国本次获得的积极评价上升幅度最大,已经攀升到榜单的第三位,这要归功于英国主办2012年奥运会的成绩。The poll also indicates that positive views of China and India have fallen sharply around the world over the last year. After improving for several years, views of China have sunk to their lowest level since polling began in 2005, putting it in ninth position.India is ranked 12th, with negative views (35%) slightly outnumbering positive ones (34%) for the first time.与去年相比,印度获得的积极评价也大幅减少,排名第12位,对该国的消极评价(35%)首次略高于积极评价(34%)。中国排名第九位。Risers and fallersMore positively viewed than in 2012 - UK, Canada, FranceMore negatively viewed than in 2012 - China, USA, RussiaBut Germany, whose economy has done better than almost every other in Europe in recent years, scored well across the world in the poll.最近几年,德国经济好于其他欧洲各国,它在本次调查中也获得全世界的好评。它取代日本,重新回到B排行榜首位。In Ghana, 84% of people polled said Germany#39;s influence was mainly positive, while 81% in neighbouring France and 76% in Australia felt the same. The big exception to the trend was in recession-hit Greece, where a majority of people polled gave Germany negative ratings.在加纳,84%的调查对象认为,德国的影响主要是积极的,81%的法国被调查中持有同样的看法。在澳大利亚,对德国持积极看法的人也占到76%。但在遭衰退重创的希腊,多数被调查者对德国评价消极。Positive views of the EU dropped to their lowest level last year but have stabilised this year, rising one point to 49% on average.欧盟在去年得到的好评降至最低,今年渐趋稳定,平均分上升一个点,为49%。But this figure masks significant changes. There has been a sharp drop in positive ratings by Germans, down 14 points to 59%. Canadians and Americans both give significantly lower ratings to the EU. In the UK, positive views of the EU continue to fall steadily and, for the first time this year, more Britons rate it negatively (47%) than positively (42%).但这一数字背后仍然有重大变化。德国人对欧盟的积极评价下降了14个点,目前为59%。加拿大人和美国人给欧盟也都打了低分。在英国,对欧盟的积极看法也在减少,英国人今年对欧盟的负面评价(47%)第一次高出了正面好评(42%)。Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and Iran came out worst in terms of how they are viewed globally. Only 15% of respondents said they saw Iran as having a mainly positive influence.以色列、朝鲜、巴基斯坦和伊朗在全球评价中居于末位。只有15%的调查对象认为,伊朗的影响主要是积极的。 /201305/241513。

Reports said last week that researchers could be just six months away from producing the world’s first artificial meat, using thousands of stem cells bred in a laboratory. Yet there is an even more ghoulish prospect ahead: the idea of eating artificial food made from humans.  据英国《每日电讯报》9月6日报道,上周,有报道称,再过6个月,研究人员就可以利用从实验室里培育出的数以千计的干细胞来制造世界上第一块人造肉了。但是,眼前这项技术的发展更令人毛骨悚然,即食用来自人体的人造食品。   This may sound like science fiction, yet a new technique for making gelatin from human DNA is attracting increasing interest from research and industrial circles.  听起来或许像科幻小说中的场景,然而这项利用人体DNA中制造胶制品的新科技正吸引着越来越多研究界和工业界人士的关注。 According to a new study by scientists from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology,they have inserted human genes into a strain of yeast to "grow" large amounts of recombinant human gelatin.  由北京大学化学工艺学院的科学家进行的一项新研究显示,他们已经将人体基因导入一种酵母中,使其生产出大量重组的人类明胶。 Gelatin has a long history of use as a gelling agent by the food industry. It is said human-derived gelatin could become a substitute for some of the 300,000 tons of animal-based gelatin produced annually for desserts, marshmallows, candy and innumerable other products.  在食品工业中,明胶作为一种胶凝剂被使用已经有很多年了。据说,由人体制造出的明胶能够代替部分取自动物的、年产量为30万吨的明胶。这些动物胶用于制作甜品、棉花糖、糖果以及其他形形色色的产品。 There would be safety issues to consider. When an ice-cream parlor in London began selling flavors derived from human breast milk earlier this year, it was soon withdrawn for hygiene reasons.  当然,安全问题也要考虑。今年年初,伦敦开了一家冰淇淋店,销售母乳口味的冰淇淋,而很快这家店就因卫生问题被吊销(营业资格)。 However, scientists do not believe that the new gelatin product would pose any risk.  然而,科学家们并不认为这种新的明胶产品会带来任何风险。 "There's a very high degree of similarity between gelatin that comes from a cow, a pig, and a human," explains Dr David Olsen, senior scientist at FibroGen, which specializes in recombinant gelatins.  大卫 奥尔森士是人造黏胶纤维方面的资深研究员,专门负责研究重组明胶,他解释说:“取自牛和猪体内的明胶和取自人体的极为相似。” "So due to their similarities, I can't see why there would be a health risk to it," Olsen added.  “正是因为他们如此相似,所以我看不出为什么人体明胶就会带来健康风险。” 奥尔森补充说。 In fact, human-derived gelatin is aly in use by the pharmaceutical industry. Human genes are used by pharmaceutical firms in the production of insulin for diabetics, human growth hormone, and erythropoietin, which is used to treat anemia.  事实上,来自人体的明胶已经被用于制药工业。制药公司利用人体基因生产治疗糖尿病的胰岛素、人类生长激素和用于治疗贫血的红细胞生成素。 The Beijing University scientists believe their method offers many health advantages over animal-derived gelatin. The risk of gelatin transmitting animal-borne diseases such as BSE would be eliminated. 北京大学的科学家们相信,他们的方法比从动物身上提取明胶更健康。因明胶而传染疯牛病等通过动物传播疾病的风险也消除了。 /201109/153228。

She#39;s considered one of the best actresses of our generation, and now Kate Winslet has something else to show for it.凯特·温丝莱特(Kate Winslet)是最出色的当代女演员之一,如今她除此之外又多了另一个新头衔:爵士。The Oscar-winning actress, 37, was given the prestigious CBE honor for services to drama by Queen Elizabeth II herself during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London today, Nov. 21. CBE standing for Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire -- pretty snazzy, huh?由于在戏剧表演领域的杰出贡献,这位37岁的奥斯卡影后于当地时间11月21日在白金汉宫接受了英女王伊丽莎白二世的嘉奖。她获得的CBE勋章属于“大英帝国最优秀勋章”(The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire,简称“大英帝国勋章”或“不列颠帝国勋章”是英国授勋及嘉奖制度中的一种。译者注)——这个新头衔真华丽,不是吗?;The sense of gravity is enormous and you very much feel you are being acknowledged by the whole country in a way,; Winslet said on receiving her honor.“这有种沉甸甸的庄严感,而且感觉好像是你在某种程度上被整个国家认可了,”凯特接受嘉奖后表示。Looking sharp in a fitted black skirt suit and sporting a black-and-white feathered hair-piece by Natalie Ellner for Ellsewhere, Winslet chatted with the Queen after accepting her medal.凯特一袭裁剪合身的优雅黑裙出席于白金汉宫举行的授勋仪式,黑白羽毛头饰抢眼而不失典雅。;It was such an honor to meet the Queen, it was my first time,; Winslet said, adding, ;She told me that she was delighted to be presenting me with my award and then asked whether I liked my job. I told her that I loved it but I love being a mom even more.;“能见到女王很荣幸,这是我第一次被女王接见。”在被问及仪式后与女王闲聊的内容时,凯特说,“她告诉我她非常高兴能够亲手把勋章交给我,还问我是否爱我的工作。我回答她当然爱,但比起演员我更喜欢我的另一个身份:母亲。”;The Queen said ‘Yes, that’s the only job which matters.’ What a genuinely lovely thing to say!; the actress continued. ;And I couldn’t agree with her more.;“女王说‘噢,当然,那可是人生中唯一重要的工作。’这真是太诚恳也太正确了,我非常同意。”她补充道。Winslet#39;s two children Mia, 12, and Joe, 8, were on hand to support their mom during her memorable ceremony.凯特的两个孩子——12岁的米娅(Mia)和8岁的乔(Joe)也都在场持母亲接受这一特殊的荣誉。 /201211/210678。