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2018年04月27日 12:38:46

固原男科医生The introduction of an entry fee for an ancient scenic town in Hunan province has led to a sharp decline in tourists, and Chinese Internet users say the policy discourages visitors.;We have begun to witness the impact of the new policy,; a female employee at March Inn in Fenghuang county, which is well known for its historical and scenic attractions, said on Sunday. She declined to give her name.;All the rooms in my hostel were usually booked up during weekends in the past, but this weekend we have seen a sharp drop in guests and reservation. There are far fewer tourists on the streets than before.;According to an online poll by Sina, one of China#39;s most popular news websites, nearly 93 percent of respondents said they will not go to Fenghuang because of the charge. The poll had drawn nearly 90,000 participants by late Sunday.14日上午凤凰古城里多家商铺关门,北门码头围满了人抗议古城收费。对此,凤凰县有关部门给出了两点回应:一是“一票制”比原先分景点购票更省钱;二是对于商家的抗议,相关部门正召开紧急会议处理。4月10日,被誉为“中国最美小城”的湖南湘西土家族苗族自治州凤凰古城正式启动“整合收费”,将原来免费的古城景区和南华山神风景区合二为一,向游客收取148元的门票。13日14日是凤凰古城收费的首个周末,相比以前,散客人数明显减少,多家客栈入住率为零,使包括客栈老板、农家船夫在内的相关群体怨声不断。Six percent said they do not care about the policy since they are not interested in visiting Fenghuang.Only 1 percent said they will go to the ancient town regardless of the cost.Tourism is Fenghuang#39;a main industry. According to the county government, Fenghuang received around 2.3 million travelers and earned 5.3 billion yuan (6 million) in tourism revenue last year. The industry provided more than 20,000 jobs, and about 60,000 people make a living by serving tourists.To ;regulate the tourism market;, the county issued a ticket policy on Wednesday that stipulates tourists must pay an entrance fee of 148 yuan to visit the old town of Fenghuang, which includes admission to 10 scenic areas.Entry to the town used to be free but tourists had to buy tickets for each scenic spot they visited.The measure has sparked a backlash from businesses and tourists.Concerned business owners staged a protest on Thursday, blocking access to tourist sites and requesting authorities adjust the charge policy.The crowd was later dispersed by law enforcement officers, and four people involved in a physical conflict with officers were taken away by police, Cai Long, deputy head of the county government, said on Saturday.He said the policy was introduced to regulate the tourism market and will help to protect the old town and benefit business in the long run.Meanwhile, Zhao Haifeng, executive deputy head of Fenghuang county, said the government is aware of the policy#39;s effect on small businesses and will take measures to assist them.However, business owners remain skeptical toward the policy and its possible consequences.家住凤凰古城景区内的黄田,12日本想带女友回家见父母,却被挡在凤凰古城西门检票口。“太尴尬了,太没有面子了!”黄田报怨说。这位青年的感情被深深伤害了。针对古城收费的举措,有网友发起抵制行动。认微袁裕来律师倡议“五一” 假期不去凤凰旅游,引近10万网友转发。尽管眼下为旅游旺季,又逢周末,但凤凰不少旅店的住宿率为零,沱江下游的百余条游船停摆,这在以往几乎不可能出现。在凤凰做旅游接待工作的白先生无奈地表示,街面上卖土特产的小商贩13日一天才卖了18块钱的东西。观察者表示,旅游业的发展,首要要考虑的应该是如何满足游客的需求,其次是如何带动景区消费的增长。相反,单纯依靠行政力强收门票,无疑有违按照市场规律办事的原则。在诸如此类的“门票新政”推行过程中,谁都不会是赢家。强制消费之下,游客选择权被剥夺,商家利益被绑架,很可能加剧人们对景区旅游的厌恶感,使景区的发展陷入到恶性循环之中。 /201304/235297固原不孕不育医院哪家好?We`re in love, we trust each other, we`ll never get divorced - who needs a prenup? It`ll just spoil our relationship. That`s many Chinese young people`s thinking, though maybe not their parents`.我们彼此相爱且相互信任,绝不会离婚,所以婚前协议与我们无关,它只会损害我们的感情。这是时下许多中国年轻人的想法,但他们想法并不能代表父母。Nevertheless, as people become more affluent and divorce rates rise, an increasing number of couples are signing prenuptial agreements on division of property in case of divorce.然而,随着人们变得愈加富有以及离婚率的节节高升,越来越多的夫妻考虑到离婚时的财产分割问题,会选择签署婚前协议。"I know nobody wants to talk about divorce before marriage -- it sounds ridiculous. It`s like talking about a funeral at a newborn`s birthday. But practically speaking, a prenuptial agreement does save a lot of time and disputes in court," Shanghai divorce lawyer Mike Liang said.上海离婚案件律师梁麦克说“我想没人会在婚前就谈论离婚,这就好比在婴儿刚出生时就谈论死亡一样,听上去很荒唐。但实际上来说,婚前协议能帮助人们在法庭上节约时间、减少纠纷。”Prenuptial agreements, not unusual in the West, are legal contracts signed before two people enter civil union, and include details of property division. For many years these legal instruments were considered peculiar by many Chinese. They were considered proof of how cold-blooded and calculating rich people can be - so shrewd they must even consider the possibility of divorce before marriage.在西方国家,婚前协议十分普遍,双方在结婚登记前签下这份合法的契约,其中涵盖财产分割的方方面面。但多年来,许多中国人对这种法律文书嗤之以鼻,认为这些充分明了富人的精于算计和冷酷无情——过于精明以至于会在婚前就已考虑到离婚的可能性。 /201011/119173平凉市人民医院男科医生

固原市第一人民医院看男科好吗固原市一医院男科咨询Shanghai Metro turnover hit a new record high in history yesterday, the last work day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, with about 8.67 million riders transported by the tube network, city subway operator announced today.昨天即中秋节前最后一个工作日,上海地铁营业额创下历史新高,大约867万乘客通过地铁出行,城市地铁运营商今天宣布。Many downtown malls offered holiday shopping discounts. And 50%-off discounts also happened to be offered at many local sightseeing spots for Shanghai Tourism Festival yesterday. The factors combined had increased Metro travel demand, the operator said.市中心许多商场提供假日购物折扣。昨天由于上海旅游节,当地许多观光景点也有50%的折扣。这些因素使得地铁出行需求大增,运营商说。More riders brought to the network by the newly opened second phase of Metro Line 11 also contributed to the new record, said the Metro management.由新开的地铁11号线二期带来的更多乘客也导致了新的记录,地铁说。Metro authority estimated the next subway travel peak would fall on September 30 with the approaching of the National Day Holiday with traffic surpassing 8 million people again.地铁权威估计下次地铁客运高峰将会在9月30日,由于国庆假期的临近,客流量再次超过800万人次。As city Metro network continues to expand, it#39;s expected that the single-day Metro turnover would hit 9 million before the end of this year.随着城市地铁网络继续扩张,预计在今年年底前单日营业额将达到900万。 /201309/257293On the first day of the US federal government shutdown, a Californian resident may not yet feel the impact, but many Chinese tourists are unhappy and their tour guides nervous.美国联邦政府关门第一天,加利福尼亚的居民可能觉得没有影响,但许多中国游客却不开心,他们的导游很紧张。Tony Lu has run a travel agency in Los Angeles for 20 years. Four tourist groups from China’s mainland organized by his agency are currently travelling around the ed States. They are suffering different kinds of impact from the federal government shutdown, which led to the close of 401 national parks, Smithsonian’s 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoo.托尼#8226;鲁在洛杉矶经营一家旅行社20年。由他的旅行社接待的来自中国大陆的四个旅游团目前正在周游美国。他们正因联邦政府关门而遭受着不同种类的影响,这导致了401个国家公园、史密森尼的19家物馆和画廊以及国家动物园的关闭。“Compared to the 1995-1996 shutdown, this time is more serious to us. We run mostly Chinese market business and there are many more Chinese tourists groups now than 17 years ago,” he said.“相比1995 – 1996年的关门,这次对我们来说更严重。我们主要经营中国市场业务,和17年前相比,现在有更多的中国游客群,”他说。“Our clients are complaining. The tour guides explained to them that even the US President Barack Obama can not solve the problem immediately,” he said.“我们的客户在抱怨。导游解释说就连美国总统奥巴马也不能立即解决问题,”他说。Some of the groups have to change their itineraries as they cannot enter Yellowstone National Park or the Lincoln Memorial, nor can they have a close look of the Statue of Liberty, all of which are among the most popular tourism sites.当他们不能进入黄石国家公园或林肯纪念堂,也不能近距离观察自由女神像,一些旅行团不得不改变行程。而所有这些都列在最受欢迎的旅游网站上。According to National Park Services, the national parks have about 715,000 visitors per day on average in October. But now, visitors are being turned away.据国家公园的务,10月国家公园平均每天有715000游客。但是现在,游客却遭到拒绝。Although there’s no figure yet of how many Chinese tourists are affected by the shutdown, some are expressing their sadness online. “I want to cry,” wrote Ms He to her WeChat friends. She had been looking forward to her sightseeing trip to the US for a long time.虽然还没有数据显示有多少中国游客受关闭影响,但一些人在线表达了他们的伤心。“我想哭,”何女士在微信上写给她朋友。她期待着她的美国观光之旅很长时间了。But soon after she landed, she learned that the Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Memorial and many other tourist attractions on her list would be closed.但她下飞机不久后,她了解到她清单上的自由女神像、林肯纪念堂和许多其他旅游景点将被关闭。“Nobody will give any compensation to these Chinese tourists. The Senate and the Congress will definitely not,” said Lu, “And we have to do more to make them feel better, such as explaining the situation to them and helping some of them modify their travel plans. Hopefully the federal government shutdown ends soon.”“没人会给这些中国游客任何补偿。参议院和国会绝对不会,”托尼#8226;鲁说,“我们必须做更多的工作来让他们觉得好一点,比如向他们解释情况,帮助他们中的一些人修改他们的旅行计划。希望联邦政府关门这件事很快结束。”Nearly 1.5 million Chinese traveled to the US last year, according to the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries of the US Department of Commerce.去年近150万中国人前往美国,根据旅游局和美国商务部的旅游机构。Chinese companies doing business in the US may also be affected if the federal regulatory agencies and other services do not resume work soon.在美国经商的中国公司也可能受到影响,如果联邦监管机构和其他务没有很快恢复工作的话。 /201310/258875固原患前列腺能医治吗;Wang; tops Chinese surnames“王”姓公民成中国最大姓氏;Wang; is the most popular surname in China, with 95 million Wangs across the country, according to a study released Sunday by the China Fuxi Cultural Research Association。“王”姓在中国是中国最常见的姓氏,根据中华伏羲文化研究会华夏姓氏源流研究中心的最新研究全国大约有九千五百万人姓王。The surname is followed in popularity by ;Li; and ;Zhang,; respectively。紧随其后的是李姓和张姓。Twenty-one percent of the country#39;s population has one of the three surnames, according to the study。研究说明三姓人群约占全国总人口的21%。根据中华伏羲文化研究会华夏姓氏源流研究中心的最新研究,在“姓”排名前三位的王、李、张是中国最大群体的姓氏,分别有9500多万人、9300多万人和9000万人,三姓人群约占全国总人口的21%,“王”姓是中国第一大姓。根据2006年发布的“姓”排行榜,“李”姓是当时中国第一大姓。在最新版“姓”中,为什么“王”姓取代“李”姓成为中国第一大姓?中华伏羲文化研究会华夏姓氏源流研究中心主任袁义达研究员说:“这主要是因为人口统计样本的扩大。自宋朝以来,李、王、张一直是中国人口最多的三大姓氏,李姓和王姓的人口在不同时代各有不同,排序经常在伯仲之间。”据悉,2006年发布的数据只统计了近3亿人口,而本次最新公布的“姓”排序,基于“全中国13.3亿人口的姓氏数据库(2008-2010)”,统计分析数据扩大到13.3亿人口,包括台湾的全部姓氏数据和香港、的随机抽样数据。“2006版的姓数据主要集中于中原、华东、华南地区,王姓人口最占优势的内蒙古、新疆、青海、东北地区的大部分县市,由于当时没有被收集进新出版的地方志中,因此也造成了统计缺失。”袁义达说。统计2400种姓氏人数过百中国是世界上最早使用姓的国家,大约在5000年前,姓就被定为世袭,由父系传递。几千年来,中国人姓氏分布的特点十分突出,人口主要集中在少数姓氏之中,形成了大姓、常见姓氏、罕见姓氏、稀有姓氏之分。据华夏姓氏源流研究中心研究,目前,我国人数在100人以上的姓氏有2400种,占总人口97.93%;人数在1000人以上的姓氏有1421种,占总人口97.90%;人数在1万人以上的姓氏有717种,占总人口97.71%;人数在10万人以上的姓氏有374种,占总人口96.80%;人数在100万人以上的姓氏有153种,占总人口90.67%;人数在1000万人以上的姓氏有23种,占总人口56.61%。 /201304/235289固原治疗精囊炎的医院

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