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郑大第一附属医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱新郑市中医院瘦腿针多少钱The Intern 《实习生 Directed by Nancy Meyers, US 导演:南希#86;迈耶斯,美国 In the movie The Devil Wears Prada (《 穿普拉达的女王, ), Anne Hathaway played a lowly intern, slaving away a senior fashion diva. But in her new film, The Intern, the roles have been reversed. Hathaway stars as a young fashion entrepreneur, Jules Ostin, who is in charge of intern twice her age, played by Robert De Niro. 在电影《穿普拉达的女王(年)中,安妮#86;海瑟薇扮演了一名为资深时尚天后拼命工作的底层实习生而在她的新片《实习生中,角色完全逆转了海瑟薇饰演的朱尔斯#86;奥斯汀是时尚界的年轻企业家 ,管理一位年纪比她大一两倍的实习生(罗伯特#86;德尼罗饰) His character, Ben Whittaker, used to be an executive in the phone book industry. Though he is 70 years old, he refuses to end his life in a retirement home. He decides to volunteer as an intern instead. 实习生本#86;惠特克曾在电话簿行业担任高层虽然已经年过七旬,却不愿在养老院中度过余生于是他决定自愿当起了实习生 Jules, meanwhile, is balancing the pressure of managing a startup with the demands of a budding family. She has a stay-at-home husband and a young daughter that she starts to neglect as her business grows. Her days are packed with meetings, e-mails and phone calls. Ultimately, Ben uses his wisdom as a mer executive to help Jules discover a better work-life balance. 与此同时,家有全职丈夫和年幼女儿的朱尔斯,正在努力平衡刚起步的事业带来的压力和走上正轨的家庭之间的需求因为事业处于上升期,她开始无暇顾及父女两人每天的生活都被会议、邮件和电话占满最后,本用自己当总经理时积累的智慧帮助朱尔斯更好地达成了工作和生活之间的平衡 The Intern has earned superb reviews its plot and storytelling. The Atlantic culture editor David Sims called it director Nancy Meyers’ “best film in more than a decade”. The movie is infused with lighthearted comedy and a laid-back style. 故事情节和叙事方式为《实习生赢得了极高的赞誉美国《大西洋月刊文化版编辑大卫#86;西姆斯称它为导演南希#86;迈耶斯“近十年来最棒的电影”这部电影是部让人愉快的喜剧,充满了轻松的氛围 “The Intern invites us to settle in from the start and practically throws a fleece blanket over our legs and asks us if we’d like some popcorn,” wrote Richard Roeper, a critic from the Chicago Sun Times. “It’s a lovely comt movie, nestled softly in a cynicism-free zone.” 美国《芝加哥太阳报影评员理查德#86;罗帕写道:“从电影一开始,《实习生就邀请我们坐下,在我们腿上盖上块羊毛毯,问我们想不想来点爆米花这是一部美好舒适的电影,温暖的叙事,没有丝毫的愤世嫉俗” Dheepan 《流浪的迪潘 Directed by Jacques Audiard, France 导演:雅克#86;欧迪亚,法国 “An astonishing film...radical and bold.” That is how The Independent describes Dheepan. Ever since its release in , the movie has earned French director Jacques Audiard a wave of international accolades, which includes the top prize at Cannes, the Palme d’Or. “一部让人目瞪口呆的电影……激进且直白,”英国《独立报这样形容电影《流浪的潘迪从年上映以来,这部电影让法国导演雅克#86;欧迪亚享誉国际,其中包括戛纳电影节顶级奖项——金棕榈奖 The story of Dheepan is indeed unconventional. It revolves around a Sri Lankan young woman, Yalini (Kalieaswari Srinivasan), who is looking an orphaned child and a husband to flee with from her war-torn homeland. 《流浪的潘迪的确不走寻常路电影的主人公是一名叫雅丽妮(卡利斯瓦力#86;斯里尼瓦桑饰)的斯里兰卡女孩,她在寻找一名孤儿和一位丈夫和她一起逃离战乱纷飞的祖国 Yalini wants a new life in Europe, but the only shortcut she can think of is to establish a makeshift family to gain political asylum. When an opporty arises, Yalini allies with a Tamil soldier, Dheepan (Jesuthasan Antonythasan), and a young girl, Illayaal (Claudine Vinasithamby). Together they embark on new lives as refugees. 雅丽妮想在欧洲开始新的生活,但是她能想到的唯一捷径就是组建一个临时家庭,然后取得政治庇护机会出现了,雅丽妮和泰米尔士兵潘迪(杰苏萨桑#86;安东尼萨桑饰)还有小女孩伊莱娅(克劳汀#86;维纳斯桑比饰)结盟他们一起以难民身份开始了新生活 The idea of “family” is usually infused with love, but what this unusual young family represents in the movie is fake love and everyday struggles. 一般而言,“家庭” 的概念包含着爱,但电影里这个非同寻常的年轻家庭展现出的是虚假的爱和日复一日的挣扎 There are scenes where Yalini and Dheepan dance awkwardly, their body language clearly showing that they have no feelings each other. There are also heartbreaking moments when Illayaal longs the unconditional love that neither of her “parents” know how to provide. “The real subject is exploring the idea of a fake family,” Audiard told The Wall Street Journal. 电影中有雅丽妮和桑迪跳舞的笨拙镜头,他们的肢体语言暗示两人之间毫无感情当伊莱娅渴望无条件的爱,而她的“父母”却根本不知道如何给予时,简直让人悲伤心痛导演欧迪亚告诉《华尔街日报:“电影真正的主题是探讨虚假家庭的概念” Dheepan marks the first time that Audiard explicitly tackles the subject of immigration. The process this young family goes through sheds light on the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe. They face immigration hearings, smugglers and poverty, just like many migrants today. “Dheepan is incredibly timely, touching on many of the cultural and political tensions currently in the air,” Slate’s Aisha Harris wrote. 《流浪的潘迪是欧迪亚第一次明确地触及移民题材这个年轻家庭的经历反映了欧洲正在经历的移民危机电影主人公面临的移民听会、走私贩和贫穷正是现在许多移民所经历的美国知名网络杂志slate特约撰稿人艾莎#86;哈里斯写道:“《流浪的潘迪的出现恰逢其时,它触及了许多当前世界正面临的文化和政治敏感话题” 371郑州/永久脱毛哪里好 郑州/玻尿酸价钱

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