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Midsummer on the tundra and the sun does not set.现在是苔原的仲夏时节,不会出现日落At these latitudes the suns rays are glancing在这个高纬度地区,太阳辐射只能斜射到这片土地and not enough of their energy reaches the ground to enable trees to grow.到达地面的能量很少,并不足以持树木生长Youll need to travel 500 miles south from here before that is possible.由此往南500英里的地方才有可能生长着树木These stunted shrubs mark the tree line -这些矮小的灌木标志着森林界线the beginning of the boreal forest - the taiga.北方森林由此开始,这就是泰加林带The needle-shaped leaves of the conifers are virtually inedible针叶树的针状树叶根本不能食用so this forest supports very little animal life.所以生活在这片森林里的动物非常稀少Its a silent place where the snow is unmarked by footprints.这是个寂静的地方,雪地上没有被踩过的脚印In the Arctic winter snow forms a continuous blanket across the land.每到北极冬季,雪便为这片土地盖上一层广袤无边的银毯But as spring creeps up from the south the taiga is unveiled.可是随着春天渐渐从南方赶来,泰加林带也揭开了它的面纱201612/486327栏目简介:Six competitors from across the world will show off their Shanghai dialect skills on a talent show next month. They say Shanghai dialect plays an important role in their lives here. Huang Yue has more...201703/492628

【新闻精讲】Finance and EconomicsThe Big Mac Index: The All Meaty DollarBurgernomics gets to grips with a strong greenback.IT is perhaps not surprising that the worst-performing major currency in the world this year is the Turkish lira.Many emerging-market currencies have taken a battering since the election in November of Donald Trump raised expectations of faster monetary tightening in America and sent the dollar soaring.But the lira has many other troubles to contend with, too: terrorist bombings, an economic slowdown, alarm over plans by the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to strengthen his powers, and a central bank reluctant to raise interest rates to defend the currency.It has plunged to record lows.According to the Big Mac index, our patty-powered currency guide, it is now undervalued by 45.7% against the dollar.The Big Mac index is built on the idea of purchasing-power parity, the theory that in the long run currencies will converge until the same amount of money buys the same amount of goods and services in every country.A Big Mac currently costs .06 in America but just 10.75 lira (.75) in Turkey, implying that the lira is undervalued.However, other currencies are even cheaper.In Big Mac terms, the Mexican peso is undervalued by a whacking 55.9% against the greenback.This week it also plumbed a record low as Mr. Trump reiterated some of his campaign threats against Mexico.The peso has lost a tenth of its value against the dollar since November.Of big countries, only Russia offers a cheaper Big Mac, in dollar terms, even though the rouble has strengthened over the past year.The euro zone is also prey to political uncertainty. Elections are scheduled this year in the Netherlands, France and Germany, and possible in Italy.【精讲文本】Burgernomics gets to grips with a strong greenback.汉堡经济学发现美元走强。IT is perhaps not surprising that the worst-performing major currency in the world this year is the Turkish lira.或许毫无意外,今年全世界表现最差的货币就是土耳其里拉。Burgernomics Burger+nomics 汉堡经济学;Abenomics Abe + nomics 安倍经济学get to grips with 认真处理Google is also trying to get to grips with areas of weakness, such as social networking.Grip 吸引例:The nation is gripped by the dramatic story.整个国家都被这个戏剧性的故事所吸引Greenback 绿钞Many emerging-market currencies have taken a battering since the election in November of Donald Trump raised expectations of faster monetary tightening in America and sent the dollar soaring.由于特朗普去年11月份当选美国总统提振了收紧美国货币政策和美元走强的预期,许多新兴市场的货币遭受重创。Batter连续猛击 (某人)例:The passengers were battered by flying luggage and cargo as the cabin lost pressure.当机舱失去压力时,乘客们受到飞落的行李和货物连续猛击。Soaring 急剧增加例:Insurance claims are expected to soar.预计保险索赔会急剧增加。But the lira has many other troubles to contend with, too: terrorist bombings, an economic slowdown, alarm over plans by the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to strengthen his powers, and a central bank reluctant to raise interest rates to defend the currency.但是里拉也有许多其他的问题要应对:轰炸恐怖势力,经济衰退,对总统雷杰普#8226;塔伊普#8226;埃尔多安为了巩固政权提出的计划造成的恐慌,同时中央不愿意提高利率而保护币值contend with 与...作斗争例句:We have had to contend with the disinterest of much of the medical profession about this topic. 我们必须全力对付很多医疗界人士对这一话题的冷漠。Defend1. 保护2. 辩护例:...a lawyer who defended political prisoners during the military regime.…一位在军权时期为政治犯进行辩护的律师。It has plunged to record lows.里拉已经降至历史低点。According to the Big Mac index, our patty-powered currency guide, it is now undervalued by 45.7% against the dollar.巨无霸汉堡指数是我们基于馅饼的货币指导,根据这项指数,里拉如今兑美元的价值被低估45.7%。Plunge1. 纵身跳向; 猛冲向例:At least 50 people died when a bus plunged into a river.一辆公共汽车冲进了河里,至少有50人死亡。2. 暴跌The Peso plunged to a new low on the foreign exchange markets yesterday.昨天,比索在外汇市场上暴跌到了历史新低。Patty 小肉饼The Big Mac index is built on the idea of purchasing-power parity, the theory that in the long run currencies will converge until the same amount of money buys the same amount of goods and services in every country.巨无霸汉堡指数的建立基于购买力平价的思想,该理论认为在长期中,各种货币价值会回归到同等购买力,直到相同数量的货币能在每个国家购买相同数量的商品和务。purchasing-power parity 购买力Converge 聚集例:Hundreds of tractors will converge on the capital.成百上千的拖拉机将向首都聚集。Diverge 有分歧例:The view of the Estonian government does not diverge that far from Lipmaas thinking.爱沙尼亚政府的观点和李普马的想法并无太大分歧。A Big Mac currently costs .06 in America but just 10.75 lira (.75) in Turkey, implying that the lira is undervalued.要制作一个巨无霸汉堡,在美国花费5.06美元,而在土耳其花费10.75里拉(2.75美元),这表明里拉价值被低估。However, other currencies are even cheaper.然而,其他货币的价值更为低廉。In Big Mac terms, the Mexican peso is undervalued by a whacking 55.9% against the greenback.根据巨无霸汉堡的角度看,墨西哥比索兑美元比率竟被低估55.9%之巨。Whacking巨大Fortunately, concepts like extreme programming and agile development have made it possible to get a lot of these same benefits without an entire team of people whacking on your code. 所幸的是,由于极限编程和敏捷开发这些概念的出现,即使没有整个团队的人来锤炼代码,在很大程度上,您也能获得同样的收益。This week it also plumbed a record low as Mr Trump reiterated some of his campaign threats against Mexico.本周,随着特朗普重申他竞选过程中对墨西哥的一些威胁言论,比索下降至历史低点。Plumb1. 糟糕到新低点; 降至最低点例:Relations between the two countries have plumbed new depths.这两国关系已降至最低点。2. 探出究竟例:She never abandoned her attempts to plumb my innermost emotions.她从未放弃过洞悉我内心深处情感的努力。Reiterate重申例:He reiterated his opposition to the creation of a central bank.他重申了他对创办中央的反对。The peso has lost a tenth of its value against the dollar since November.自11月以来,墨西哥比索兑美元汇价损失了十分之一。Of big countries, only Russia offers a cheaper Big Mac, in dollar terms, even though the rouble has strengthened over the past year.以美元来看,在各大国中,唯独俄罗斯的巨无霸汉堡便宜的多,即便俄罗斯货币卢布在过去这一年中一直在增值。Strengthen1. 加强例:Giving the president the authority to go to war would strengthen his hand for peace.给予总统发动战争的权利会加强他对于和平的掌控权。2. 持例:He does not seem to be familiar with research which might have strengthened his own arguments.他对本来可使他的论更有说力的研究似乎不太熟悉。 The euro zone is also prey to political uncertainty.欧元区也饱受政局风波之苦。Elections are scheduled this year in the Netherlands, France and Germany, and possible in Italy.今年,荷兰、法国、德国甚至可能连意大利的大选都被提上议程。Prey 困扰例:It was a misunderstanding and it preyed on his conscience.这是个误会,让他的良心很不安。Schedule 计划; 安排例:The space shuttle had been scheduled to blast off at 04:00.这架航天飞机计划于04:00发射升空。201704/504126

For years, attempts have been made to build a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.多年来就已经开始尝试建立一条连接大西洋和太平洋的运河了Such a canal would cut East to West travel time in half saving ships over eight thousand miles per trip.这样一条运河能将东西半球的行驶时间 缩短一半 船舶每次可以少走八千多英里But no ones had the power to make it happen, until now.但是在此之前没有谁有这么大的能量J.P. Morgan acts as the middle man for the government and raises forty million dollars - OR seven billion dollars today-- to get the project started.J·P·根充当政府的中间人 筹集了四千万美元 相当于今天的七十亿 项目得以开工The Panama Canal is the most ambitious construction project the ed States has ever undertaken.巴拿马运河是美国有史以来最雄心勃勃的建设项目Over 75,000 workers labor in brutal heat, fighting off deadly diseases, digging a canal 51 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.超过七万五千名工人冒着酷热 以及致命疾病的危险 挖出一条贯穿大西洋与太平洋的51英里长的运河To assemble the manpower, the material, and the finances; to cut a swath through the middle of Panama and join the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean--only an industrially sophisticated nation could do that.要整合如此规模的人力物力财力 在巴拿马中间切出一大块 贯通大西洋与太平洋 只有一个成熟的工业国家才能做到这一点The Panama Canal embodies everything that makes America the most powerful country on the planet.巴拿马运河体现了一切 美国得以成为地球上最强大国家的所有要素Built on steel, powered by electricity and running on gasoline.由钢铁打造 电力驱动靠汽油运行And its all made possible due to the financial might of one of the countrys most powerful men.而让这一切成为可能的是美国最有权势的人物之一的金融实力201607/455023

  I hear that youre very, very happy. I am very, very happy我听说你现在非常 非常 开心 是的 我确实非常非常开心Youre en shes engaged, everybody. Thank you.你是 嗯 她订婚了 各位 谢谢Just so happy. I-life is so good right now. I cannot even tell you.真的太开心了 我…生活现在真的太好了 难以形容的好Love is a good feeling, isnt it? Yes, we are so happy. Yeah.爱情是种幸福的感觉 不是么 是的 我们在一起很开心 太好了Now, people dont understand, I think, you know, cause you-its new.现在 人们不能理解 我觉得 你懂么 因为你们俩 很迅速Like, how long have you known him? Not-its-its newer. Its newer.就像 你们相识多久 不 是 是挺迅速 挺快I know it looks-its looked a little crazy to some people.我知道什么感觉 就像对其他人来说有点疯狂No, Im saying I know what its like, Because I, you know, portia and I met.不 我是说我知道这种感觉 因为我 你知道 波西娅和我相遇We kind of moved in within two weeks. Weve been together nine years, and--我们相识两周不到就同居了 我们已经在一起9年了 而且Is that true? Yeah, yeah. Is that really true? Yeah.真的么?是的 是的 真的么?是啊I mean, you can-- I love that story.我是说 你也可以 我喜欢你们的故事When you know it, when you feel it, You just know it, and so...当你意识到 感受到 你知道就是他了 然后You know, that is definitely what happened with us.你知道的 这完全就是我们的写照I kind of an interesting situation over the summer,我这个夏天有点像在一个有趣的状态And i was kind of in a weird place, and a very close mutual friend of ours had said,然后处在一个奇怪的地方 我们一个很亲密的共同朋友说;Oh, my god. I have you met this guy ryan?;“哦 上帝啊 你见过这个赖安么?”I was like, ;No,; And they had told him the same thing,我就说 “没有” 然后她们也去跟ryan问了同样的问题And i was just not in a good place to meet anyone. I said, ;Im not y.但是当时我的状态不想跟任何人约会 所以我说 “我还没准备好Im taking-taking time away from love for a while.; I was very sad.我还需要一段时间 不想恋爱” 我那时候很伤心And they said, ;You know, hes coming to town, and youve got one day, meet him,然后她们说“你知道么 他要来了 你找一天和他见一面You know, have a drink, meet him, meet him,;知道么 去喝一杯 见面 见他”And I said, ;Ehh,; And I was putting it off然后我说 “呃” 然后我就拖啊拖And really nervous about it and just not wanting to do this.然后对这件事也很紧张 完全不想见面And so they gave him my number, and he-he texted me,所以然后她们给了他我的号码 然后他…他给我发消息And he was just like, ;Im coming to L.A., and...; You know, Im like, ;Oh, my god.然后他就像 “我要来洛杉矶了…然后” 你知道么 当时我感觉 “哦 我的上帝啊”;So now I have to see this guy. ;Do I have to hang out with him all weekend?所以现在我要去见这个人了 我需要跟他共度整个周末么?;Like, hes gonna be here for days. Like, ugh,; And effort and this whole thing.“好像 他会在这待好几天 就像 额” 然后要见面 这整件事情And so I said, ;Okay, Im gonna meet him. Im gonna meet him. Im gonna meet him.然后我就说 “好吧 我要见他了 我要见他了 我要见他了Im gonna meet him. Im gonna meet him.我要见他了 我要见他了So we go and have a dinner date, and were still on our first date.所以我们一起出去吃了一顿晚餐 然后我们还像初次约会He never went home. He never went home. You know, hes from florida.他就再也没回过家 他再也没回去过 你懂的 他来自佛罗里达He was on a-he plays tennis. Hes a professional tennis player.他是个…他是个网球运动员 他是个职业网球选手Yeah, yeah, so he was finishing up a little mini tour, i guess you call it.是的 是的 所以他刚结束 一个小型巡回 我猜应该是这么说Im gonna get something wrong, but... Yeah, and so he had a little stop in L.A.,可能是我说错了 但是……嗯 然后他在洛杉矶停留了一段时间And hes originallyor hes from florida.他原本是 或者说他来自佛罗里达的He lives in florida, and he never went back to florida.他住在佛罗里达 但是他再也没回去过Thats where every tennis player lives.几乎所有网球选手都住那儿So wait, doesnt he have to be on tour with playing tennis?所以 等等 他不需要在去别的地方打网球么He had back surgery right when i met him.我和他相遇的时候他刚动完手术Thats what he was slightly coming out here for.这也是他来洛杉矶的原因之一He met with his doctor, and i kind of nursed him back to health.他要来复查 所以我也在某种程度上护理他帮助他恢复健康And, you know, by day two, i was like, ;Oh, my god.; It hit me.所以 你懂么 第二天 我就感觉 “哦 上帝啊” 我突然意识到It was so unbelievable. I said, ;This is it. This is it.这真是太难以置信了 我说 就是他了 就是他了This is it. This is it. This is it. This is it.; You just knew. Yeah.就是他了 就是他了 就是他了 就是他了 你就是能感觉到 是啊So youre engaged, and he obviously felt the same.所以你订婚了 他肯定也是这样觉得的I hope so, cause he gave me this, so i hope... Yeah, thats nice.我希望是 因为他给了我这个 所以我希望他也这样想 是啊 太好了He felt we were-- thats really pretty. Thank you. Thank you.他觉得我们 这个很漂亮 谢谢 谢谢So i know hes backstage. Hes here. He is here.所以我知道他在后台 他在这里 他在If-my head writer kevin over the summer became ordained to marry.如果…我首席编辑凯文 这个夏天 被任命为了牧师He married a couple, so we have this y. Should you-should you choose...他为一对夫妻婚过 所以我们帮你准备了这个 你可以…你可以选择He can do it. Whoo! Wait. Im supposed to marry him?他可以婚 哇哦!等等 我要嫁给他?No, he can-hes ordained. He can marry the two of you.不是 他可以…他是婚人 他可以为你们两个婚It will save you so much money. Yes. We have a package.这能帮你省一大笔钱 是的 我这里有个包You can dance. Theres dancing afterwards. Oh, my god.你可以跳舞 之后会有跳舞环节 哦 我的上帝啊This is so unexpected. The wanted is here. The wanted could play.太出乎意料了 The wanted组合在这里 他们可以伴奏Youve got a band. Like, I mean, its like... We could be the best men.你现在有个乐队了 就像 我的意思是 这就像是 我们可以当伴郎They couldtheyll be your best men. Oh, wow. And I can walk you down the aisle.他们可以 他们可以当你的伴郎 哦 哇哦 我可以陪着你结婚We have things that-- Oh, no. Like... Oh, my god.我们有……哦 不是吧 就像……哦 天啊I mean, we have, like, a veil. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. No, no.我是说 我们有 像是 一个头纱 哦 天哪 天啊 不是吧 不是吧We have, like, a pretty necklace that you can put on.我们有 你看 一个漂亮的项链 你可以戴上Its magnetic. You just put it on. Oh...这是磁性的 你可以直接戴上 哦……This is the most beautiful necklace Ive ever... Look at the veil.这是我戴过的项链中最漂亮的 看看这个头纱Youre y to go. You know what? Im y. Yeah. Ryan. Where is he?你准备好了 你知道么 是的准备好了 好的 赖安 他在哪里Call her over. Oh. Okay, lets do it.叫她过来 哦 好的 来吧Are you gonna walk me down the aisle? Yeah, yeah. Baby. Yeah.你准备好结婚了么 是的 是的 宝贝 嗯Are you gonna walk me down, ellen? Yeah. Wow, i even wore a white dress. Hi muah!你要陪我走么 艾伦?好的 哦 我今天甚至穿着白裙子 嗨 Mua!We just wanted dohi, how are you? Good.我们正准备 嗨 你好么 很好All right, just do it real quick, real quick, real quick, do it, just real quick.好 我们赶紧吧 赶快 赶快 来吧 抓紧时间Okay. Okay, just real quick. Okay, okay. Which way-whichwhere do i go?好的 好的 来赶快 行 行 这边… 这 你去哪里You got the rings? Oh, god, i need rings. Take my rings. Here, take them.你们带戒指了么 哦天啊 我需要戒指 用我的 来 用我的- ;Take my rings.; Here, take-here. Oh, my god. This isnt legal, right?“用我的” 这个 拿着…这里 哦 上帝啊 这不合法吧 是么No, its legal. He just asked if this was legal. Just say some stuff, kevin.不 这是合法的 他刚才竟然问这合不合法 赶紧说些什么 凯文Go ahead. Whos giving kaley away? I will. All right.继续 谁负责把凯莉交给新郎 我来 好吧Do you? That was reallyyes, i do. Do you? Hell, yeah, i do. I-i do. Really?你愿意? 这真的是…是的 我愿意 你愿意娶她为妻么?天啊 是的 我愿意 我…我愿意 是么By the power investment me in california to google search,以加利福尼亚赋予我的合法权力 我现在宣布You guys are married. Whoohoo. Whoo! Oh, ring. Oh, we suck at this.你们正式结为夫妻 哇哦 哦 哇哦! 哦 戒指 哦 我真的不太会戴戒指Oh, thats beautiful. Oh. Its so beautiful. Thanks, man. Thats so beautiful.哦 太美好了 哦 真的太美好了 谢谢你 太美好了201706/512966

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481038。

  So I guess hes going to be hunting up that hedgerow.我猜他是去那片灌木丛里捕猎What he was doing at the farm,他在农场那到底做了什么of course, we dont know.我们无从得知They were right to suspect hunting that night.他们对他出去捕猎的推测是正确的Billy and Mollys owner比利和茉莉的主人has seen the cats the following morning.在第二天早上见到过他们I think they were out pretty well我猜那天晚上他们大部分时间most of the night, actually.都在外面活动Im pretty certain they went out as soon as we went to bed.我很肯定他们是在我们睡觉以后出门的Billy in particular came in with a very bloated tummy,特别是比利 回家时肚子撑得鼓鼓的so I dont know quite what hes been up to,我不太清楚他在外面干了什么but probably eaten quite a few bits and pieces along the way,但他可能一路上吃了不少东西and hes very sleepy today.而且今天他特别贪睡In fact, both of them are very sleepy,实际上他们两个都很贪睡so I think theyve been hunting a lot last night.所以我猜昨晚他们应该一直在捕猎They start to identify the cats他们开始找出那些that seem to have the strongest indications很显而易见theyve been hunting.会在外捕猎的猫Like Sooty.比如苏提Spends quite a lot of periods of time there.在那里待了很长一段时间Backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards,不停地来回走动suggesting he may be using that as a bit of a hunting ground.说明那里可能是他的狩猎场A lot of time and a lot of movement in that area他在回家前在那个区域待了很久before he comes back down.而且不停地活动重点解释:1.hunt up 猎取例句:Hes hunting up details of Elizabethan household expenditure in a document of the time.他正在当年的旧文件中搜寻伊丽莎白时代一般家庭开的细节。2.most of 大多数例句:Most of the rock in this mountain is shale.这座山上大部分的岩石都是页岩。3.seem to 似乎 ...例句:Does that seem to make sense?这讲得通吗?201608/462936

  Im going to take these balls and put em in here.接下来我将把这些球拿下来,然后再拿上去。Then Im going to shuffle it up and Im going to randomly put em back on here.将球打乱顺序,然后随意摆放在这里。And shes going to come over and look at it, and Im going to ask her a series of questions.之后,她将观察这些球,然后回答我几个问题。You y? Lets just go.准备好了吗?开始吧。So were doing it like this, so you wont think that we set it or anything, cause this is not playing.我们要把球像这样打乱顺序,这样你就不会认为我是设计好的,因为那样做没用。You know, plus, I wouldnt participate in anything like that anyway.而且,我从没做过这类事情。So were going to put them up here.那么,我们要把球再放回去了。You going to watch me place them? Mm-hmm. Okay.你要看着我做吗?恩恩。好吧。Do I have to be quiet, or can I talk?我要安静吗?我能说话吗?Um, do whatever you usually do. Okay, cause this is boring me half to death.做你平常做的。好吧,做这个让我无聊个半死。See, I need to know if I can talk. I dont want to throw you off or nothing.我需要知道我是否能讲话。因为我不想打扰你或是怎样。But you can tell I aint even looking at this. This aint no trick. I wont...但你看见了,我甚至都没看这些球,这里绝没有猫腻。我没有...really, I wouldnt participate in anything like that. I like to keep it real, you know what I mean?我真的没有干过这类事情。我喜欢真实,你知道我什么意思对吧?Just doing my thing, hey baby亲爱的,我只做我的事情。Okay, you look at them. You study that.好了,你开始看吧。Memorize them and then let me know.开始记吧,好了告诉我。Okay. Im done. You done?好了,看完了。完了?Okay, so where you, where you going to stand?你要站哪?Over here. Okay. Youre not looking? No.站这里吧。好吧,那你看不见吧?看不见。Okay. These are random questions. She cant know this.好的。这些是随机问题。她不会知道。So here we go.开始吧。What is the sum of the first ball and the 18th ball?第一个球加第18个球是多少?11?11?I was messed up cause I didnt even know there was 18 balls up there.我糊涂了,我甚至不知道这里有18个球。What do you get if you multiply the sixth ball and the seventh ball?第六个球乘以第七个球是多少?30?30?This is the finale.最后一个。Recite the whole board backwards. Oh!从后至前,背诵所有球号。哦!Two, two, seven, eight, three, four, one, eight, three, nine, six, five, six, five, four, one, seven, nine.二、二、七、八、三、四、一、八、三、九、六、五、六、五、四、一、七、九。Ladies and gentlemen, give your love for my daughter!女士们先生们,为我女儿鼓掌!I have been looking for her all over the world!我一直在全世界寻找她!I just found my baby! Oh, thank you, lord!我最终找到了她!感谢老天爷!201707/516131【视频讲解】South Koreas giant disbands its controversial strategy unit.韩国巨头解散了它名下富有争议的战略部门。Disband解散The conference declaration called for Iraq to disband all militias and work to speed up the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the country.这份会议宣言呼吁伊拉克解散所有的民兵部队,努力加速撤走所有驻伊拉克的外国军队。“THE de facto dismantlement of the Samsung Group” was how South Koreas semi-official news agency, Yonhap, spun the news on February 28th that the sprawling conglomerate would scrap its Future Strategy Office, a management organisation of some 200 senior staff, and devolve power to individual affiliates as part of broad reforms.韩国半官方性质的新闻社韩联社在2月28日发布消息称“三星集团真正意义上已解散”,这一庞大的联合大企业将会使未来战略室(是一个约200位高级职员组成的管理机构)岌岌可危,此外作为董事会改革的一部分,它还将权利移交给个人分公司。de facto 实际上存在地They will be de facto in a state of war. 他们将会处于一场战争状态之中。Dismantlement1. 拆除He asked for immediate help from the ed States to dismantle the warheads.他向美国请求即时援助,拆除弹头。2. 逐步废除Public services of all kinds are being dismantled. 各种公共务正被逐步废除。spun 》 spin 诠释与宣传He interpreted the vote as support for the constitution and that is the spin his supporters are putting on the results today.他把这次投票结果解释为对宪法的持,这也是他的持者们对今天的结果所做的诠释与宣传。Conglomerate 企业集团 ...the worlds second-largest media conglomerate. …世界第二大传媒集团。Scrap 取消; 放弃President Hussein called on all countries in the Middle East to scrap nuclear or chemical weapons. 侯赛因总统呼吁中东各国放弃核武器或化学武器。affiliates 分机构; 成员组织The World Chess Federation has affiliates in around 100 countries. 世界象棋联盟在大约一百个国家内设有分机构。The office had become for many South Koreans a vexing symbol of Samsungs secretive goings-on. Longtime Samsung-watchers were less impressed.对于许多韩国人来说,战略室成了三星继续遮遮掩掩的烦人象征。长久以来,三星的观察家一直不太引人注目。Vex使烦恼; 使迷惑; 使沮丧It vexed me to think of others gossiping behind my back.想到别人在我背后说闲话让我很恼火。goings-on诡异活动 ( If you describe events or activities as goings-on, you mean that they are strange, interesting, amusing, or dishonest. )The Mexican girl had found out about the goings-on in the factory.那个墨西哥女孩已发现了工厂里的诡异活动。The parallels with an earlier disbanding of the same office in 2008, when it was known as the Strategy and Planning Office, were striking.早在2008年同一个公司解散的相似情况在当时就引人注目,这个公司当时还是战略企划室。Parallel 类似的事情Readers familiar with military conflict will find a vague parallel to the Vietnam War.熟悉军事冲突的读者们会发现一个和越南战争大致相似的事件。Striking 显著的; 不同寻常的He bears a striking resemblance to Lenin.他与列宁有着不同寻常的相似之处。Then, Lee Kun-hee, Samsungs chairman, had been indicted for his involvement in a multi-trillion-won slush-fund scandal. Then, too, the group closed down the office to show it was serious about reform.当时三星主席李健熙被指控涉嫌数亿韩元贿赂基金丑闻。也在那时该集团关闭了这个战略企划室以表明其对改革的认真态度。Slush 雪泥Front-drive cars work better in the snow and slush.前轮驱动的汽车在雪中和雪泥中开得更好。slush-fund 行贿基金Scandal 丑闻:带来不光或触犯社会道德标准的公开事件a drug scandal that forced the mayors resignation.导致市长辞职的毒品丑闻But by 2010 it was reborn as the Future Strategy Office. Lee Kun-hees son and presumed heir to the Samsung empire, Lee Jae-yong, is the one now behind bars.但是到2010年它就以未来战略室重现了。李健熙的儿子,也是被认为是三星帝国继承者的李在镕现在在监狱里。Heir 继承人...the heir to the throne.…王位继承人behind bars 坐牢;刑Fisher was behind bars last night, charged with attempted murder.费希尔被控谋杀未遂,昨晚入狱。This week he was indicted by a special prosecution team on charges of bribery and embezzlement.本周他被特检组以贪污贿赂罪指控。Prosecution 起诉Yesterday the head of government called for the prosecution of those responsible for the deaths.政府首脑昨日要求对那些造成死亡的责任人进行起诉。Bribery 贿赂行为He was jailed on charges of bribery. 他因贿赂指控被监禁。Embezzlement 《 embezzle挪用 (钱款) 贪污One former director embezzled million in company funds. 一位前任主管挪用了100万美元的公司资金。Prosecutors have accused him of paying 43bn won (m) to “cultural organisations” closely tied to Choi Soon-sil, a former confidante of South Koreas president, Park Geun-hye.检察官控告他给一个与崔顺实紧密相关的“文化组织”430亿韩元,而崔顺实是韩国前任总统朴槿惠的闺蜜。Confidante 红颜知己Female participants and those who were educated were the least likely to report no names on their confidante list.女性参与者和那些受过教育的参与者在密友这一项没有列出任何名字的可能性最低。In return he allegedly received state support for an important merger in July 2015 between two Samsung affiliates.据称作为回报,他会得到国家对2015年7月份两个三星子公司的重要合并的持。Allege 指称 (但还未被实)She alleged that there was rampant drug use among the male members of the group.她指称该组织中有大量的男性成员吸毒。In return 作为回报In return, they are themselves accused of furthering their own ( leftist) political interests作为回应,他们自己也被指责推动自己的(左翼)政治利益。The tie-up was viewed as essential to the smooth transfer of power between the 75-year-old Mr Lee, who has been in hospital since 2014, and his son.这次联合被看作75岁的李和儿子权利交接顺利的关键一步,李健熙自2014年就一直在医院里。tie-up 1. 经济关系; 贸易往来 ...joint ventures and tie-ups for mutual benefit. ...合资企业及互利型经济往来。2. 堵塞Your one station, traffic tie-up!你的一站,交通瘫痪!The family controls Samsung through a complex knot of cross-shareholdings between its 26 affiliates, which operate in businesses ranging from life insurance to smartphones. The younger Mr Lee has said he provided the funds, but denies any bribery.李氏家族通过一个在26家子公司复杂的交叉持股结构来控制三星,这26家子公司的业务遍及生活保险到智能机。李在镕说他提供了基金,但是否认任何贿赂。Knot1. 把…打成结He knotted the laces securely together.他把带子牢牢地系在一起。2. 群:人或物的紧密集合a knot of onlookers.一群旁观者Cross 相交...the intersection where Main and Centre streets cross. …主干街和中心街相交的十字路口。201707/516065Shes got over 70 million views, from New Orleans, Louisiana. Give your love for Jaliyah!她有7000万在线观众,她是来自路易斯安那新奥尔良的嘉利雅,让我们为她鼓掌!You know how hard that is to cope in and out to? You got any more tricks?你知道这种来回运球有多难吗?你还有其他技能吗?Can you go get that rack of tennis balls for me? Okay.你能把架子上的网球拿过来吗?Go get the rack of tennis balls.好的,架子上的网球。When you get this, go and throw it me. Okay.把球一个个扔给我。好的。Come on, Steve Harvey. I think its your turn. Go.来吧,史蒂夫·哈维,该你了。开始。Ill show you something about me. Ill be right back. Yeah, I got skills. Okay.我向你展示我的绝技,我马上回来。嗯,我也有绝招。How you doing? Feeling good.最近怎么样?不错。Ladies and gentlemen, from the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, give a love for Scooter Christensen!女士们先生们,让我们欢迎来自世界著名的哈林篮球队的老将“滑行艇”克里斯滕森!Come on over here! Harlem Globetrotter!过来!哈林篮球队!How you doing? Good!你怎么样?很好!I saw you before! Yeah, I saw you before, too.我见过你!是的,我也见过你。Yeah, but did you see me, though?当然,那你之前见过我吗?Thats for you. Were gonna give you that.这是你的了,我们把这个篮球给你。Without a doubt, sweetheart. Without a doubt, without a doubt.太棒了,甜心。太棒了,你太棒了。You got some skills! Shes good, isnt she? Oh, she got the passion, man. She got the passion.你真有两下子。她也很棒,不是吗?她很有。她确实很有。I can do what you just now did. Oh, thats how it starts.我能做你刚才做的。这就是悲剧的开始。I broke a lot of lamps in my moms house. Sorry.我母亲家的台灯许多都是我打掉的,对不起。Ladies and gentlemen, give your love for Scooter Christensen. And people, make some noise for Jaliyah.女士们先生们,为“滑行艇”克里斯滕森,还有我们的嘉利雅鼓掌!201706/512640

  But the everyday can rub shoulders with the genuinely catastrophic.却无一天不面临着灭顶的危险Yes, the grass grew green again,but now there were bones beneath the buttercups诚然 野草会逢春再绿 但在毛茛之下却埋着皑皑白骨and an entire governing class of the English had been dispossessed,整个英格兰统治阶级退出了历史舞台their men, land and animals taken from them and given as spoils to the victorious foreigners.他们的臣民 土地和牲畜都被夺走 成为了获胜的外来侵略者的战利品You could survive and still be English but now you belonged to an inferior race, the conquered.你可能幸存下来 依然是个英格兰人 但却成为一个劣等民族 被征的民族You lived in England but it was no longer your country.你仍在此生活 但英格兰却不再是你的国家Anglo-Saxon England was no stranger to invasions.对于侵略 盎格鲁撒克逊英格兰并不陌生Viking raids had been part of life for a century,but since the days of Alfred the Great,维京海盗的劫掠已融入其生活长达一个世纪 但自从阿尔弗雷德大帝时代之后it was a country stable enough to soak them up.对这足够稳定的国家而言 这些已无关痛痒Longboats came and went but still the kings law ran the shires.维京战船时时来犯 却未能动摇王令于全国的威信His churches and abbeys were built more beautifully than ever,国王的教堂和修道院建得比往日更加美丽and a town that would one day be called London一个日后被称为伦敦的小镇was beginning to grow and prosper on the banks of the Thames.也开始在泰晤士河畔兴盛繁荣起来Then one invasion succeeded where the others had failed,and there was a Viking on the throne.在不断入侵失败后 终于迎来了一次成功 一个维京海盗登上了王位His name was Canute,the man we remember for trying to hold back the tides.他名叫卡纽特 在人们的印象中他是一个能力挽狂澜的人While he turned Anglo-Saxon England into part of his vast maritime empire,尽管他将盎格鲁撒克逊人的英格兰 变成了他庞大海洋帝国的一部分he went out of his way to change nothing.但他并没有刻意去改变什么He even chose as his closest advisor,one of the most powerful Anglo-Saxon nobles,他甚至选择了最具权势的 盎格鲁撒克逊贵族之一Godwine, Earl of Wessex,a scheming, ruthless man.韦塞克斯伯爵戈德温作为亲信谋臣 一个阴险残忍的人Godwine became virtual co-ruler with Canute over what was still recognisably Anglo-Saxon England.戈德温实际上成为了卡纽特的副手 统治着依稀可见盎格鲁撒克逊风貌的英格兰 /201607/456100

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478370

  The angels, in turn, are supported by carved stone plinths bearing Richards own emblem,the white hart.天使的承重柱是一根根刻有花纹的石柱 刻的是理查的象征 白鹿But the alien strangeness attributed to Richard seems a lot less strange如果你把理查看成一位 文艺复兴时期的国王if you think of him as a Renaissance prince for whom the idea civilised life was not necessarily a mark of being un-English.他的怪异之举就不足为奇了 对他而言 不是仅有 英国以外的国家才有文明The Wilton diptych is the clearest illustration of his exalted vision of kingship.《威尔顿双折画》清晰表现了 君王的尊贵身份Richard instinctively felt he belonged in the company of saints,so here he is with three of them:理查本能地觉得 自己属于圣人之列 所以图中他与三人位于一处John the Baptist, Edward the Confessor and the Saxon martyr king Edmund.施洗者约翰 忏悔者爱德华 萨克逊殉难者国王爱德蒙The other panel shows him in the even more exalted company of angels,the Christ child and the Virgin.另一幅画则显示了 他被更为尊崇的天使所环绕 圣子和圣母He is her appointed lieutenant.他是圣母指定的代理人She is receiving his kingdom as her dowry and in return will bestow on it her special protection and favour.她将查理的国度视为己出 自然对其多加偏爱和庇护 Ceremonial style was not, the king decided,just an affectation the window dressing of power国王觉得 礼节仪式并非仅是 故作姿态或是彰显王权it was at the heart of its mystery, its capacity to make men obey.而是使人臣这一秘诀的关键所在Richard had this in mind when,for the first time in the history of the British monarchies,理查将此铭记于心 英国历代国王中 首次有国君要求the king let it be known, he should like to be addressed as ;Majesty; And ;Highness;,a kind of mystical elevation.称呼国王为 ;陛下;和;殿下; 以体现尊贵 /201612/481495。


  The death toll from the massive earthquake that struck central Italy on Wednesday has reached over 160 and is expected to climb higher. Hundreds more have been injured in the disaster.周三,意大利中部遭遇大地震袭击,死亡人数已超过160人而且预计还会攀升。数百人在地震中受伤。The 6.2 magnitude quake and its aftershocks demolished several small towns in a remote, mountainous region of Italy near Rome and Perugia.在罗马和佩鲁贾附近,6.2级地震及其余震摧毁了偏远山区的几个小城镇。Rescue workers are still trying to dig through the rubble to rescue any survivors. But the regions steep terrain and narrow, winding roads are making it tough for officials to move rescue equipment around.救援人员仍在努力挖掘碎石,以挽救任何幸存者。但该地区陡峭的地形和狭窄蜿蜒的道路使官员难以移动救援设备。Italy is accustomed to massive earthquakes, since its located atop two fault lines and has invested in quakeproof infrastructure to compensate. A writer for CNN points out many small, remote towns have neglected that earthquake-proofing.意大利因位于两个断层线之上,因此经常发生大地震,国家投资了防震基础设施。一位CNN作家指出,许多小的偏远城镇忽视了抗震。译文属。201608/462777

  栏目简介:Also at the Consumer Electronics Show, many wearable device developers are showing off their latest products. However, our reporter Yuan Chenyue found not everyone is interested in these devices new functions.201702/492622

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