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上海市普陀区中心医院去疤多少钱上海市第七人民医院整形美容科第一句:Room service, please.我要客房务A:Room service, please.我要客房务B:What can I help you?能为你做点什么?A:Please change our sheets and pillow cases.请换一下床单和枕套第二句:Please come to room No. 3.请到3房间A:Room service. What can I do you?客房务部,您需要什么务?B:Please come to room No. 3 and bring me bath towels.请给3房间送几条浴巾来A:OK, well send a waiter soon.好的,我们会马上派务员过来B:Thank you.谢谢!知识延伸:寻求旅店的客房务或主动提供客房务时还可以说:Housekeeping, may I come in?我是房务员,可以进来吗?Room service. What can I do you?这是客房务部,我能为你做点什么吗? 1891上海五官科医院治疗青春痘多少钱 第一句:The whole trip takes about three hours.整个行程将花费近三个小时的时间A:How long will the trip take?整个行程会花费多长时间?B:The whole trip takes about three hours.整个行程将花费近三个小时的时间第二句:How far is it from here?离这儿有多远?A:How far is it from here?离这儿有多远?B:It about minutes on foot.步行大约分钟A:Oh, that not far. I think Id like to walk there.哦,那不远,我想走着去B:Yeah. Walking is good health.是啊!走路还有助于健康呢相关的句型还有:How long does it take to get there and back?到哪儿往返需要多长时间?Is it within walking distance from here?从这儿步行去远吗? 196798上海人民医院切眼袋手术多少钱

九院整形美容科点痣价格费用A: Hi, this is Albert.B: Hi, my name is Jack. You called about a room rent. Are you still interested?A: Yes, more than you know.B: I don't mean to pry, but could I ask you a couple of questions?A: Ask away.B: I don't want us to be roommates who don't get along.A: Yes, we must get along if we are going to be roommates.B: Is partying one of your priorities?A: I'm a student. I don't have time to party.B: Very good. Now, do you clean up after yourself?A: I clean up my own mess, and I expect others to do so, too.B: What time do you usually hit the sack?A: Occasionally, I stay up late if there's a big test the next day.B: What about smoking?A: If I ever get elected President, I will ban smoking nationwide.B: Very good. Now, would you like to ask me anything?A: Yes, I have one question. Do I have to park in the street?B: I'm sorry. Yes, you have to park your car in the street.A: I hate street parking, but I need the apartment now.B: Very good. Just call me when you're y to move your stuff over here.A: How about if I come over tomorrow afternoon?B: Just ring the doorbell. I'll be here all day.上海市华山医院激光除皱多少钱 青浦区治疗蒙古斑价格

上海美容医院哪家好73.International hotel. May I help you?国际大酒店,我可以帮您吗?7.I’m putting you through,sir. I’m sorry,there’s no answer. Would you like to leave a message or to call back?我给您接过去,先生对不起,没有人听电话,您是留言还是再打过来?75.Hold on,please. I’ll put you through to the inmation?请别挂,我帮你转到前台问询76.I’m sorry,sir. But the manager’s line is busy. I’ll call you back when it is free. 对不起,先生经理电话占线,线路通时我给您打过来77.I’ve got the manager’s office you,sir. The line is free.我已帮您接通了经理办公室电话,先生电话占线了78.This is the operator,may I help you?这是总机,我可以帮您吗?79.We have a computer wake-up service,please dial 5 first and then the wake-up time. 我们有电脑叫醒务,请先拨5,然后拨叫醒时间0.Our computer will record the time and your room number. 电脑将记录下您的叫醒时间和房号1.Excuse me asking but which country are you calling?对不起,请问您要往哪个国家打电话?.Which country are you calling,please?请问您要哪个国家?3.Which city,please?do you know the city area code?请问时哪个城市?您知道区号吗?.May I have the number,please?请问电话号码是多少?5.Could you please tell me the telephone number?请您告诉我电话号码6.Could you please tell me the party’s full name and telephone number,please?请告诉我您要通话的对方的全名和号码,好吗?7.What’s your name and room number,please? 请问您的姓名和房号?8.Could you repeat the number,please?请您重复一下电话号码,好吗?9.Would you like a pay call or a collect call,madam?女士,您是要拨直接付款电话还是要对方付款电话?90.How would you like to make the call,madam?女士,您希望怎样付款?91.Would you like me to place the call you?您要我帮您接通电话吗?9.May I remind you there is still a handling charge?我还要提醒您一下,另外还有手续费93.I’m sorry,madam. I’m afraid the credit card can not be used. 女士,对不起,恐怕您不能使用信用卡9.Just a moment,please. I’ll put you through. 请稍等,我给您接过去95.May I know who is calling,please?我可以问是谁在讲话吗?96.I’ll switch you to room 333#. 我马上为您接333号房97.I’ll connect you to Mr. Smith’s room right away. 我马上为您接Smith先生房间98.Please hold the line a moment,I’m putting you through to his office. 请不要放电话,我这就给您接待他办公室去99.You’re through,sir. 先生,给您接通了300.I’m sorry,the line is busy. Would you like to hold on or call back?对不起,占线您是等一会,还是过会再打过来?301.Would you like me to page him?您需要我为您呼叫一下吗?3.Sir,there is no answer. Would you like to leave a message?先生,没有人接电话,您是不是要留言?3.I’m afraid I cannot transfer calls from the house phone. Could you dial the number directly,please?抱歉,我这里无法为您转电话,请您直接拨那个电话号码,好吗?3.I’ll transfer your call. Could you hold the line,please?我这就把您的电话转过去请不要放电话,好吗?3.May I tell him who is calling,please?请问我可以告诉他是谁打的电话吗?3.Shall I ask him to return your call?我请他给您回电话,好吗?3.Shall I ask him to telephone you?and your telephone number,please?我让他给您打电话,好吗?请问您的电话号码?3.Would you care to wait a moment and call back later?请您稍等一会再打过来好吗?3.I’ll pass the message to him. 我回向他转达这个意思的3.May I be of any assistance to you?我能帮您做些什么吗?3. room-to-room calls,please dial 6 first and then the room number. 打房间之间电话,请先拨6再拨房号3. outside calls,please dial 9 first and then your desired telephone number. 拨打外线电话,请先拨9然后拨您要拨的电话号码3. domestic long distance calls,please dial 9 first then the area code and your desired telephone number. 打国内长途电话,请先拨9,再拨区号和您想要的电话号码3.You may have a long distance call directly from your room,sir. It is cheaper than booking it through the operator. 先生,您可以直接在房间打长途电话,这样比通过接线员要便宜些3. international direct dial,please I bee the country code and then the area code and the telephone number. 拨打国际长途,请先拨1,然后拨国家代码、城市代码和电话号码3.I’m afraid all calls to abroad must go through the operator. 抱歉,恐怕所有的国籍长途电话都要通过接线员3.Could you hang up please and we’ll call you back?请您先挂上电话,好吗?我们会给您打过来的318.I have a collect call from Mr. Smith in New York. Will you accept the charges?这里有一个要求您付话款的电话,是Smith先生从纽约打来的,您准备制这笔电话费吗?319.A three-minute station call is ¥ on weekdays and ¥5 on Sundays, each additional minute,the charge is ¥.7. 平时站与站之间的长途电话头三分钟是元,星期日是5元,三分钟以后每分钟收费.7元3.A three-minute person-to-person call is ¥ on weekdays and ¥6 on weekend. 平时人与人间的长途电话是前三分钟元,周六、周日6元31. long distance calls,we have special night rates from 9pm to 7am in the next morning. 对长途电话我们实行夜间特别收费价格,执行时间时从晚上9点到次日早上7点3.If you make a station call,the phone company will start charging as soon as anyone picks up the phone,perhaps not the party you are calling. 打站与站间电话,只要对方拿起电话,电信局将开始计费,或许有时接听电话的人不是您想要找的人 195658 面试英语口语8:Work Objectives 5松江麦格假体隆胸多少钱上海复旦大学附属华山医院纹眉毛多少钱



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