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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457805

To prove it,to show that the old regime had passed,为了明这点 宣告旧政权告一段落that a new glamour had arrived,Richard put on a show-stopping coronation.新光环已然普照 理查举行了受人追捧的加冕典礼As if in a reverie of Camelot,he had himself dripping in gold a golden sword, golden spurs, a golden canopy over his head.他似乎沉浸在卡米洛特的幻想中 将自己裹在金光灿灿之下 手持金宝剑 脚踏金靴刺 头顶金华盖To celebrate the new regime the Jews of London presented Richard with a special gift,为了庆祝新政权的建立 伦敦的犹太人向理查献上了特别贺礼a gesture that was immediately interpreted by the populace as a sinister plot,and which triggered a general massacre.在场的众人 立刻将此看作不祥之举 由此爆发了一场大屠杀Richard of Devizes in his chronicle was the first to use the word ;holocaustum; to describe the mass murder of England#39;s Jews.德维斯的理查在编年史中 首次使用了;大屠杀;一词 以形容这场英格兰犹太人的浩劫To his credit, king Richard made strong efforts to forbid this first wave of pogroms.值得一提的是 理查国王一开始 曾全力阻止这场集体大屠杀The problem was he was never around to enforce things.而问题在于 他从没有付诸实行It was ironically, really,the king whose statue stands outside parliament and who#39;s therefore supposed to personify some sort of elemental Englishness,真正讽刺的是 这位国王在议会厅外立了雕像 他应该本着英国作风 因地制宜 人性统治spent less time in his country than any other monarch.相反 他对自己王国的投入 甚至比不上任何其他君王The three lions on his coat of arms were Plantagenet lions.三头狮子的盾形纹章 代表了金雀花的家徽The cross of st George stood for Aquitaine,not England.圣乔治的十字则代表了阿基坦 而非英格兰 /201609/468783

  Some people might be driven crazy有些人可能会被by hearing shutters clack all night long.整晚的快门声逼疯But it#39;s actually music to my ears,但我却很爱听because it means they#39;re working.因为这说明它们在工作By combining data from six different cameras,通过组合六台不同相机上的数据he#39;s captured something that would tax他捕捉到的景象 就连世界上even the world#39;s most powerful telescopes.最强大的望远镜也望其项背His final image is the highest definition,最后 他合成了有史以来最高清的true colour map ever made of the Milky Way.全系全景图But he hasn#39;t just mapped it...然而他不单单绘制了星图He#39;s made a hand-held guide to the galaxy.他还制作了便携版的图重点解释:1.drive crazy 使某人发疯例句:He was driven crazy by the extremity of pain.极度的痛苦使他发狂。2.be made of 由 ... 构成例句:The fence was made of posts joined together with wire.篱笆是以铁丝连接起木桩而构成的。 Article/201705/510616

  Just an hour after the firing had started,在战斗开始后的一个小时there were 1,500 Jacobite Highlanders lying slaughtered.詹姆斯二世党军队就有1500名士兵倒下Only 50 of the Hanoverians had perished.而汉诺威的军队只有50名士兵牺牲It was perhaps better to be one of those felled by Hanoverian guns.或许成为汉诺威军队的下鬼要更好一点It spared you the sight of British soldiers coming at you,因为这样就省掉在你受伤后while you lay wounded,to finish you off with their newfangled bayonets.躺在地上眼睁睁地看着英军 用他们的新式刺刀来结束你生命时的痛苦As one Hanoverian officer noted:正如一名汉诺威的军官写道Our men, killing the enemy, dabbling their feet in blood and splashing it about one another,我们的士兵 勇猛杀敌 在血流成河的战场上 英勇无畏 浴血奋战look like so many butchers rather than Christian soldiers.他们更像群屠夫而不是基督教战士Charles Edward survived the battle and gave the order:Every man for himself.查理斯·爱德华幸存下来 他下令 大家各自逃命去吧He went on the run until it was safe to be shipped back to France.他一直在逃亡 直到安全回到法国In England, the victory was riotously celebrated.在英格兰 人们热烈的庆祝着胜利Effigies of Bonnie Prince Charlie were burned at the stake.人们在火刑架上焚烧美王子查理的肖像Many Scots, too,were pleased to see the end of the Jacobite threat,很多苏格兰人 也很乐意看到詹姆斯二世党人的威胁结束delighted the prince had gone.以及王子的离去But in the heartland of his support, north-west Scotland,但在持他的主要地区 苏格兰西北部Charles Edward left behind a population prostrate查理斯·爱德华很多手无寸铁的拥护者before the avenging army of the Duke of Cumberland,都成为了坎伯兰公爵军队的刀下亡魂determined to break the Jacobite clans for ever.因为公爵决定要彻底清除詹姆斯二世党余孽 /201706/513993。

  A silken strand is lowered from the ceiling alongside hundreds of others.一根坚韧的丝从天顶上垂下,边上还有好几百根。Beautiful though these ths are, they have a sinister purpose.虽然这些丝看起来很漂亮,它们却是阴险的陷阱。This is a cave glow-worm.这是一种洞穴萤火虫To trap its prey, it goes fishing with a line of silk.它利用一根根的丝来诱捕猎物The silk comes from glands in the glow-worm#39;s mouth and is loaded with droplets of mucus.丝产生自萤火虫口中的腺体,上面缀着一串粘液滴。Each glow-worm produces dozens of these ths.每条萤火虫都会吐很多根这样的丝0nce its lines are set, the glow-worm hangs from a mucous hammock and waits like a patient angler.当一排丝架设完毕后,萤火虫便用粘液将自己悬吊起来,然后像一位耐心的钓鱼者似的等待猎物上钩But the glow-worm doesn#39;t leave everything to chance.不过,萤火虫并不会听天由命That ghostly blue light is the result of a chemical reaction这些诡异的蓝光是一种化学反应的结果taking place inside a special capsule in its tail.由尾部的一个特殊腔囊产生The light literally shines out of its backside. It#39;s a lure for attracting prey.这些从尾部发散出来的荧光正是用来吸引猎物的诱饵。 Article/201706/515539

  Sorry, guys! Do you ever have those days when you just don#39;t have the energy to do all that much?对不起,小伙伴们!你们曾经有过做什么都没力气的时候吗?And when you do move, you move really slowly?当你动时,却动得很慢?Well, that#39;s pretty much what every day is like for a sloth.好吧,这种状况和树懒的日常活动很类似。Sloths are the slowest mammals on Earth.树懒是地球上行动最慢的哺乳动物。Just how slow are they? Well, it can take a sloth up to an entire month to travel a single mile on the ground.到底有多慢呢?树懒花费整整一个月的时间,才在地面上挪动一英里。But that#39;s OK, because sloths spend most of their lives in trees,但是,没关系,因为树懒一生中的大部分时间都花在树上,where they can move just a little bit faster.在树上,它们可以移得快些儿。Their powerful arms and curved claws let them move easily from branch to branch它们强有力的上臂和带钩的爪子能让它们在美洲中部和南部的雨林in the rain forests of Central and South America, where they#39;re from.树枝间自由移动,它们来自那里。Sloths are identified by the number of these claws that they have on their front feet.树懒是以它们前足上爪子的数目来分类的。There are two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths.它们分为二趾树懒和三趾树懒。But good luck actually spotting a sloth swinging through the trees—幸运的话,我们可以看到树懒在树间荡秋千。these guys spend very little time moving, and a whole lot of time sleeping and eating.但是这些家伙很少花时间运动,大量的时间都用来睡觉和吃东西。Sounds sort of boring, doesn#39;t it? Wrong!听起来有点儿无聊,不是吗?你错了!If you ask me, sloths are super cool.如果你问我的意见,我会觉得树懒非常聪明。They#39;re not lazy—they#39;re just really good at conserving, or saving, their energy.它们并不是懒,只是非常懂得保存或者说节省能量。Their diet of leaves and bark doesn#39;t provide them with a whole lot of nutrition,它们吃得树叶和树皮不能为它们提供很多能量,so they need to save as much energy as they can.因此它们需要尽其所能地节省能量。One way sloths manage to conserve their energy is by keeping their food in their bodies for as long as possible.树懒设法储存能量的方法之一就是让食物在体内停留尽可能长的时间。Sloths have big stomachs that can hold a large amount of food.树懒们的胃很大,可以储存大量的食物。While it might take you or I just a few hours to digest our breakfast,也许你我只需要花几个小时就能消化早餐,it can take a sloth 30 days to digest a single leaf.但树懒却可以花30天的时间来消化一片树叶。Since they digest their food so slowly, sloths don#39;t get a lot of energy very quickly from their food,因为它们消化食物的速度太慢了,所以不能通过食物快速地获得大量的能量,but they also don#39;t use a lot of energy to break it down.但同时它们也不需要消耗大量的能量去分解食物。Plus, because their stomachs work so slowly, they don#39;t need to go to the bathroom as often as we do.此外,因为它们的胃工作得很慢,它们也不需要像我们一样经常上厕所。In fact, one of the few times that three-toed sloths come down from the trees is for their weekly potty break.事实上,三趾树懒每周也偶有几次从树上下来稍作休息。Once a week! That#39;s it!一个星期一次!是的!Another weird way sloths conserve energy is by having a naturally low body temperature.它们保存能量的另一种特殊方法是低体温。If our body temperature changes more than three degrees, it probably means that we#39;re sick.如果人类的体温上下波动超过三度,那可能意味着我们生病了。But that#39;s not so for the two-toed sloth.但对于二趾树懒来说不是这样。It has the lowest body temperature of any mammal in the world—it can dip as low as 30 degrees Celsius.它是世界上所有哺乳动物中体温最低的,可以低到30摄氏度。Most mammals, including us, have body temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius or higher.大多数哺乳动物,包括人类,体温都是36摄氏度甚至更高。After all, it takes a lot of energy to keep your body warm.毕竟,保持体温需要消耗大量能量。So when sloths aren#39;t active, most of time,所以,大部分时候,树懒不动时,their bodies just automatically switch into low-energy mode, and their body temperature drops.它们的身体会自动调到低能耗模式,体温也会随之下降。The last weird way that sloths save energy is my personal favorite.树赖最后一个节省体能的奇怪方法是我自己最喜欢的。Three-toed sloths are the only mammal that can rotate their heads almost all the way around their bodies, like owls do.三趾树赖像猫头鹰那样,是唯一一种可以几乎全方位旋转头部的哺乳动物。This is because they have more vertebrae, or bones in their neck, than other mammals do.这是因为它们和其他哺乳动物相比,有更多的脊椎骨或者颈骨。This cool trick helps them look for food and keep an eye out for predators without having to go anywhere or do anything.这种很酷的技巧能帮助它们寻找食物,时刻小心捕食者的行动,而不用去任何地方或做点什么。They can just hang out, and twist their heads around, observing the world around them.它们只需要躲起来,转动它们的头,观察周围的世界。So sure, sloths are slow—but not because they#39;re lazy.所以可以肯定,树赖行动缓慢不是因为懒。They#39;ve just adapted to a nice, mellow, low-energy lifestyle that works out well for them.它们只是适应了一种成熟低耗能的良好生活方式,这对它们来说很有用。They#39;re basically the ultimate energy-saving machine!它们基本上可以称作终极节能机器!Thanks for joining us on SciShow Kids! I#39;m Jessi, this is Squeaks, and we#39;ll see you next time.感谢收看儿童科学秀!我是杰西,这是Squeaks,我们下次再见! Article/201706/515308TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470039An estimated 100,000 migrants are expected to head back to their home countries by the end of 2016.预计到2016年底,约十万移民将回到他们的祖国。That number has been rising over the past few years, but so has the number of migrants. The total number of migrants worldwide reached 244 million last year, a 41 percent increase since 2000.在过去的几年里,这个数字一直在上升,但移民的数量也在增加。去年,全球移民总数达到2亿4400万,自2000以来增加了百分之41。A lot of these migrants are coming to wealthier European countries to find better work and start a new life.许多移民来到富裕的欧洲国家找到更好的工作,并开始一个新的生活。But many of them haven#39;t been able to get jobs or asylum, like in Germany. That#39;s where over half of the migrants returning home are leaving.但他们中的许多人还没有得到工作或庇护,像在德国。超过一半的移民选择回家离开。If we waited a while, the children could go to school and get German citizenship, but the reality is we still don#39;t have a residence permit.如果我们等一段时间,孩子们可以去上学,并获得德国公民身份,但现实是,我们仍然没有居住许可。Since January, the International Organization for Migration has helped over 50,000 migrants move back home, many of them returning to the violent conflicts they fled.自一月以来,国际移民组织已经帮助超过5万移民回国,他们中的许多人回到逃离暴力冲突的地方。The top countries that migrants originally came from since the beginning of the year were Albania, Iraq and Afghanistan.今年以来移民来自最多的国家是阿尔巴尼亚、伊拉克和阿富汗。译文属。 Article/201609/468225

  In this American English pronunciation , we#39;re going to study American English by looking at a short text.在这段美语发音视频中,我们将会通过一小段文字来学习美式英语。Topic: what I ate for breakfast.I call this a Ben Franklin exercise.话题:我早餐吃了什么。我把这个方法称为本·富兰克林练习。This is when you take very good notes, very detailed notes, on what you#39;re hearing.这种方法就是根据你听到的内容做详细的笔记,And then go back and try to record yourself based on what you#39;ve written down, the notes.然后回过头来根据你所做的笔记试着自己录音。Did you write down a flap T, or the way two words link together?你记下了一个浊音T,还是两个单词的连读方式呢?After you#39;ve recorded yourself, compare it to the original. Did you do everything that you wanted to do?给自己录完音后,与原录音进行对比。你做到想做的一切了吗?In this , we#39;re going to take notes together.在这个视频中,我们会一起来做笔记。This morning for breakfast, I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk. This is my favorite breakfast. But sometimes, I do have eggs.今天的早餐,我吃了芭芭拉碎燕麦,喝了牛奶。这是我最爱的早餐。但有时,我会吃鸡蛋。So let#39;s take a look at what#39;s happening here.让我们看看这里发生了什么。;This morning for breakfast.; One of the first things I notice is how much this S and M were connected.“This morning for breakfast.” 首先我注意到了这里的S和M是连在一起的。;This morning, this morning.; It#39;s almost like the S went on the next word: ;smorning, smorning. This morning. This morning for breakfast.;“This morning, this morning.” 就好像这个S是在下一个单词中一样:“smorning, smorning. This morning. This morning for breakfast.”Did you notice how I pronounced the word ;for;?你注意到了我是怎样读单词“for”的吗?That was reduced to ;fer;, ;fer;, ;fer;. Very quick, with the schwa/R sound. ;For, for, for breakfast.;它被略读为“fer”,“fer”,“fer”。非常快,连着弱读的R音。“For, for, for breakfast.”;This morning for breakfast.; Also I notice the rhythm here. ;Morn-; and ;break-; are the two stressed syllables.“This morning for breakfast.” 我还注意到了这里的节奏。“Morn-”和“break-”是被重读的两个音节。;This morning for breakfast.; They have that swooping up and then down shape of the voice that makes up a stressed syllable.“This morning for breakfast.” 它们有先升后降的形状组成了重音音节。Let#39;s listen in slow motion.;This morning for breakfast.;;This morning for breakfast.;我们听一下录音慢放。今天的早餐。今天的早餐。;This morning for breakfast, I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk.;今天的早餐,我吃了芭芭拉碎燕麦,喝了牛奶。What do you hear as being the stressed syllables? I hear ;Barbara#39;s;, ;Shredded;, and ;milk;.你听到的重音音节是什么呢?我听到的是“Barbara#39;s”,“Shredded”和“milk”。What else do you notice你还注意到了什么呢?;I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk.; I notice that ;Barbara#39;s; is only two syllables, even though it looks like it might be three.“I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk.” 我注意到了虽然“Barbara#39;s”看起来像是三个音节,但其实它只有两个音节。We sort of leave this middle sound out here.;Barb-ra#39;s, -ra#39;s.; Also note this apostrophe S is the Z sound.我们几乎把中间的音给省掉了。“Barb-ra#39;s, -ra#39;s.” 还要注意这个撇号后面的S发Z音。That#39;s because the sound before is voiced, so the apostrophe S is also voiced. ;Zzz, zz, -ra#39;s, -ra#39;s. Barbara#39;s.;这是因为它前面的字母是发音的,所以撇号后的这个S也是发音的。“Zzz, zz, -ra#39;s, -ra#39;s. Barbara#39;s.”I also notice that the ED ending here is pronounced as the IH as in #39;sit#39; vowel, D sound.我还注意到了这里词尾的ED发音是IH,就像“sit”里的元音和D音。That#39;s because the sound before was a D. ED endings are among the few cases in American English that follow regular rules.这是因为它前面的音是D。ED结尾的发音是美语里面少数几个遵循固定规则的例子之一。;I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk.;我吃了芭芭拉碎燕麦,喝了牛奶。I notice that the word #39;with#39; is not reduced, but it#39;s very flat in pitch because it is unstressed.我注意到了单词“with”没有被略读,而是下降音调,这是因为它是非重音。;With, with, with.; It#39;s also quite fast. ;With milk, with, with, with, with milk.;“With, with, with.” 它的音还很快。“With milk, with, with, with, with milk.”;I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk.;我吃了芭芭拉碎燕麦,喝了牛奶。Let#39;s listen in slow motion.;I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk.;;I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk.;我们听一下录音慢放。我吃了芭芭拉碎燕麦,喝了牛奶。我吃了芭芭拉碎燕麦,喝了牛奶。;I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk. This is my favorite breakfast.; What was stressed in that sentence? I heard ;fav-; and ;break-;.“I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk. This is my favorite breakfast.” 这个句子中的重音是什么呢?我听到的是“fav-”和“break-”。Also, these three words, ;this is my;, those were incredibly fast. Listen again.;This is my favorite breakfast.;还有,“this is my”这三个词读得非常快。再听一次。这是我最爱的早餐。So this string of three unstressed words, ;this is my; ;this is my; ;this is my; ;this is my;: very fast, and very connected.所以这一串三个非重读的词,“this is my” “this is my” “this is my” “this is my”:读得非常快,连接得非常紧。I also notice that the word ;favorite; was only pronounced with two syllables, as if this letter was dropped. ;Fav-rit, favorite, favorite.;我还注意到了单词“favorite”只被发出了两个音节的音,好像中间的字母被丢掉了一样。“Fav-rit, favorite, favorite.”;This is my favorite breakfast.;这是我最爱的早餐。I#39;m also noticing this T pronunciation. The final T in ;favorite; was pronounced as a stop.我还注意到了这个T的发音,在“favorite”结尾的T音是停顿的。;Favorite, favorite, favorite breakfast.; So, there was no release, tt, of the T sound. ;Favorite breakfast.;“Favorite, favorite, favorite breakfast.” 所以这里的T音没有被发出来。“Favorite breakfast.”Let#39;s listen in slow motion.我们听一下录音慢放。;This is my favorite breakfast.;;This is my favorite breakfast.;这是我最爱的早餐。这是我最爱的早餐。;This is my favorite breakfast. But sometimes, I do have eggs.;这是我最爱的早餐。但有时,我会吃鸡蛋。Did you notice the lift here, where the comma is?你注意到逗号这里的上升语调了吗?;But sometimes, I do have eggs.; There was just a little pause there for the punctuation.“But sometimes, I do have eggs.” 这里的标点处只有一点停顿。I also noticed how I stressed the word ;do;.我还注意到了单词“do”被重读的方式。;I do, I do have eggs.;;But sometimes, I do have eggs.;我会吃鸡蛋。但有时,我会吃鸡蛋。The word ;eggs;, even though it#39;s a content word, a noun, which is usually stressed, doesn#39;t have that much stress, I notice, because it#39;s at the end of a sentence. ;I do have eggs.;单词“eggs”,即使它是一个实义词,名词,通常是被重读的,我注意到,它在这里却没有很明显的重音,这是因为它是在句子的结尾。“I do have eggs.”;Eggs, eggs,; with just a little curve up, and then down in the voice. ;I do have eggs.;“Eggs, eggs,”只有一点上升,然后就降下来。“I do have eggs.”Also, the plural ending here, S, is pronounced as a Z.That#39;s because the sound before, the G sound, is a voiced consonant. ;Eggs, eggs.;还有,这里的复数结尾S的发音为Z。这是因为前面的辅音G是发音的。“Eggs,eggs.”Let#39;s listen in slow motion.;But sometimes, I do have eggs.;;But sometimes, I do have eggs.;;But sometimes, I do have eggs.;我们听一下录音慢放。但有时,我会吃鸡蛋。但有时,我会吃鸡蛋。但有时,我会吃鸡蛋。So, just three little sentences. But we really were able to study a lot about American English pronunciation.所以,这只是三个短句子,但我们真的可以从中学到美语发音的很多知识。Let#39;s listen once in slow motion.我们听一遍整体的录音慢放。This morning for breakfast, I had Barbara#39;s Shredded Oats with milk. This is my favorite breakfast. But sometimes, I do have eggs.今天的早餐,我吃了芭芭拉碎燕麦,喝了牛奶。这是我最爱的早餐。但有时,我会吃鸡蛋。I hope this has given you some ideas on how to take notes and study the speech of native speakers.我希望这些在你做笔记和学习英语母语者演讲方面有所帮助。Do this on your own. Take and audio clips that interest you, or that have topics that are important to your field of work.自己来做一下这个练习。找一些你感兴趣的视频或音频片段,或者是与你工作领域相关的主题。After you take good notes, record the text yourself, and compare to the original recording. What do you still need to work on, or what did you do well?在你做好笔记之后,录下你读的文章,然后与原录音进行对比。你在哪些地方还需努力,或者在哪里做得比较好?This is a great way to improve your pronunciation.这是一个提高发音的好办法。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/513063

  We can only see light.我们只能看见光And light moves at a certain speed.而光在以一定的速度运动And so, as we look farther and farther away,所以 我们看得越远we#39;re looking farther and farther back in time看到的事物也就越古老because we#39;re seeing light coming to us from long ago.因为我们看到的光是很久以前发出的But there#39;s only so far we can go back in time.但是宇宙的历史是有限的So there#39;s only so far we can see.所以我们能看见的范围也很有限It#39;s called the ;Observable universe;.这称为 可观测宇宙We can only map what#39;s inside,我们只能绘出在它范围内的物体because the universe is only 13.7 billion years old.因为宇宙只有137亿年的历史There may well be a lot more universe outside,在这范围之外可能还有更广阔的宇宙but the light hasn#39;t had time to reach us yet.但是它们发出的光还未到达地球In the last 20 years, we#39;ve seen this tremendous expansion,过去的二十年间 我们掌握了许多知识both in the amount and in the precision of knowledge对可观测宇宙的了解that we have about the observable universe.实现了量的积累和质的飞跃This has allowed cosmologists这为宇宙学家to make a map of unbelievable scale.制作如此宏伟的星图奠定了基础重点解释:1.long ago 很久以前例句:Amber is the resin of pine trees that grew very very long ago.琥珀是古老的松脂。2.so far 迄今为止例句:It#39;s the hottest day I#39;ve had so far.这是迄今为止我经历的最热的一天。 Article/201705/511735


  Information is a funny sort of power.信息是一种很有趣的力量The way a government can use it to keep control of its citizens政府通过它来掌控市民is insidious and sneaky, nasty in some cases.这种做法有时是阴险狡诈见不得人的We have to all learn more about it我们要更多的去了解它and we have to in a way rethink, rebase a lot of our philosophy.需要反复思考 重新定位我们的伦理Part of changing that philosophy is to understand that而这种伦理的改变首先要理解our lives are not analysed in the first instance by people,我们的生活信息并不是由人类来分析的but by computer programmes.而是由计算机程序来分析的Some people just don#39;t have an understanding有些人就是不理解about what#39;s possible.什么是可能的I#39;ve heard people say,我听人说过;Well, we know nobody#39;s ing our e-mails;;没人会看我们的电子邮件;;Because they don#39;t have enough people.;;因为他们没有那么多人手;Actually, hello, it#39;s not...事实上 拜托 不是说...These e-mails are not being by people.这些电子邮件并不是由人来阅读的They#39;re being by machines.而是由机器阅读的They#39;re being by machines which can do the sorts of things that search engines do进行阅读的机器会像搜索引擎一样and can look at all the e-mails阅读所有的邮件and at all the social connections and can watch.所有的社会关系并进行监视重点解释:1.sort of 有几分,近似,有那么点儿例句:That would sort of ruin the point.那会有几分破坏的意图。2.keep control of 控制;掌握例句:She manage to keep control of her car on the ice.她在冰上开车时,尽力控制住了汽车。3.in some cases 有时候例句:In some cases output has increased more than fourfold.在有些情况下,产量增加了3倍多。 Article/201612/482143

  I think maybe the game ended.我想比赛可能结束了。Wow, I think you#39;re right! Wow! Wow, wow, wow!哇,我想你是对的!哇!哇哇哇!Google#39;s AlphaGo computer software beat its human opponent on Wednesday in the first of a historic five-game match between human and computer at the ancient Chinese board game of Go. The software took on South Korean Go champion Lee Sedol, who has won 18 world championships since becoming a professional Go player at the age of 12. The contest was reminiscent of the 1997 chess match, in which IBM#39;s Deep Blue supercomputer beat then world chess champion Garry Kasparov.Google 的 AlphaGo 电脑软件在星期三击败人类对手,赢得人类和电脑在古老中国桌游“围棋”历史性五战对抗赛首场的胜利。AlphaGo 软件对上南韩围棋冠军李世石,他自十二岁成为职业棋手后得过十八次世界冠军。这次比赛令人想到 1997 年的西洋棋对抗,那场比赛中IBM的超级电脑“深蓝”打败当时的世界西洋棋棋王Garry Kasparov。Since then, the really big remaining, sort of, Holy Grail, if you like, has been Go. In chess, the number of possible moves is about 20 for the average position, and Go is about 200.自那时起,真正剩下的伟大,如果你要这样说的话,有点像是圣杯,就是围棋了。在西洋棋中,平均位置的可能下法大概是二十种,而围棋却是有大概两百种。Both human and computer made some mistakes throughout the game, which lasted over three hours. Sedol said, ;A mistake I made at the very beginning lasted until the very last.;人类和电脑在整场比赛中都有一些失误,比赛整整持续超过三小时。李世石说:“我在比赛最初犯下的一个错误持续影响到最后。”We have an estimate of how strong a program is. Of course you never know when you play a human player, they do all sorts of very interesting, creative things that your program#39;s not necessarily do. So there#39;s always an unknown.我们对程式的能力有一个预估。当然你在和人类选手对抗时永远猜不透,人类会做出各种非常有趣、富创意的事情,那是你的程式不见得做得出来的。所以总是有未知数。The victory is considered a breakthrough for artificial intelligence, showing the program, developed by Google DeepMind, has mastered one of the most creative and complex games ever devised. This is not the first time that the software has won at Go. In January, AlphaGo was pitched against European champion Fan Hui in a closed-door match. AlphaGo won all five rounds. The remaining four matches will be played by Tuesday.这场胜利被视为人工智慧的突破,显示出由 Google DeepMind 研发的程式已经掌握了史上最具巧思且复杂的游戏之一。这并非 AlphaGo 第一次在围棋比赛获胜。一月时,AlphaGo 和欧洲围棋冠军樊麾在一场闭门比赛中对弈。AlphaGo 五场全胜。剩下的四场对战会在周二前进行。 Article/201605/446657

  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431414

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