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宝鸡男科医院咨询宝鸡西大医院治疗阳痿没有的啊骗人Rachel: I had a friend who got married. It was a very large wedding, but it was very traditional. She had thirteen bridesmaids and thirteen ushers and then a maid of honor, a best man and a ring bearer and a flower girl. So there were quite a few of us that had to walk down the aisle.蕾切尔:我有个朋友办了一场盛大的婚礼,同时也是一场传统的婚礼。婚礼上有十三位伴娘和伴郎,一位首席伴娘,一位首席伴郎,一对童男童女。所以我们很多人都要走红毯。Wendi: This is like an absolute, kind of parade procession.温迪:这简直就像游行队伍一样。Rachel: Yeah. It was quite a long playing of ;Here comes the bride;.蕾切尔:对。《新娘来了》的曲子放了好长时间。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:嗯。Rachel: So, but yeah we all had the traditional one dress picked up by the bride and the ushers all wore the traditional one, well they rented the same suits with the same tie and vest underneath, and yeah, ;Here comes the bride;, a little service about God and then the wedding vows which they decided to speak and make up their own wedding vows, so it got a little emotional, and yeah, that was pretty much the wedding. The thing for a traditional wedding in the ed States, it costs a lot of money to be a bridesmaid or an usher and thats something that maybe in other countries is not the case because the bridesmaid and the ushers all have to pick out the same outfit and get their hair done and their make-up and the shoes and their usually in charge of paying for the bridal shower and the bachelor, the bachelorette party.蕾切尔:我们都穿着新娘挑选的传统礼,而伴郎们则穿着租来的相同的西装,搭配相同的领结和背心,伴随着《新娘来了》走上红毯后,新人要向上帝做出承诺,他们要说出他们的结婚誓言,誓言很感人,婚礼差不多就是这样。在美国举行传统婚礼,伴娘和伴郎会花费很多,在其他国家可能并不是这样,因为在美国,伴娘和伴郎要选择同样的着装,去做头发,化妆,搭配鞋子,通常还要付新娘送礼会和告别单身派对的费用。Wendi: Yeah, and then theres like your gift to the bride and stuff like that as well and yeah, its a lot of responsibility Im sure. Have you ever been asked to be a bridesmaid and turned it down or anything?温迪:对,而且还要给新娘送礼物,要承担很多责任。你有没有拒绝过朋友的伴娘邀请?Rachel: Ive never turned it down, but the first time I was asked as an adult I didnt really realize, I was like, ;why are you asking me that?; Of course I would be your bridesmaid. And then as it started getting closer to the wedding, all of the responsibility started coming out, then I started to understand a little bit.蕾切尔:我从来没有拒绝过,我成人后第一次有朋友请我做伴娘时,我并没有意识到这些责任,当时我说:你为什么要问呢,我当然要做你的伴娘了。之后随着婚礼日期的临近,要负责的事情越来越多,然后我渐渐明白了伴娘的责任。Wendi: Right, yeah.温迪:对,没错。Rachel: Especially, because the maid of honor was particularly not responsible, so a lot of the bridesmaids had to organize many of the things the maid of honor would normally organize.蕾切尔:尤其是首席伴娘不负责时,其他伴娘要负责通常由首席伴娘来组织的工作。Wendi: Yeah, thats wild.温迪:对,太疯狂了。 译文属 /201507/388753宝鸡看男科什么医院好 Buying Textbooks 购买教材A: I cant spend anymore money after I buy my English textbook.A:在我买了英语课本后,我不能再花钱了。B: How much is your English textbook?B:你的英语书多少钱?A: Its 8. Im not kidding.A:198美元。我没有开玩笑。B: Thats ridiculously expensive! Whats the title of the textbook?B:真是贵得离谱!教科书的标题是什么?A: Its called How to Write Well.A:它叫“如何写好”。B: Dude, someone is selling that book for .B:老兄,有人卖那本书只要30美元。A: No way. What edition is it?A:不可能。它是什么版本的?B: I think it was the 10th edition.B:我认为那是第十版。A: Oh, no wonder he or she is selling it for only .A:哦,难怪他(她)只卖30美元。B: What edition do you need?B:你需要的是哪个版本?A: I need the 21st edition.A:我需要第21版。B: The publisher seems to be really making money, considering the number of editions. B:考虑到版本的数量,出版商似乎真的很赚钱。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/398563宝鸡男性生殖器官硬不起来

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宝鸡阴径刺痛腰有点痛小咖实用英语口语 第109期:那些年吃过的莓 /201510/401854 49.Cash at the Bank我在换钱Useful Expressions常用语句1.Can I cash a check here?我可以在此兑换票吗?2.Do you have an account at this bank?你在本有账户吗?3.Do you have some identification?你有一些身份明文件吗?4.Yes,I have my passport.是的,我有护照。5.I also have this identification card.我也有身份。6.Thats good enough.那就够了。7.How much is the check you want to cash?你兑换的票金额是多少?8.Its a government check for 0.这是一张面额500美元的政府票。9.How do you want your money?你要哪种钞票?10.Im sorry.I dont understand.很抱歉,我不懂你的意思。11.Do you want large bills or small bills?你要面额大的钞票还是要小额钞票?12.Give me five 20s and the rest in smaller bills.给我5张20元的,其余给我小票好了。13.Yes,of course.Here you are.是的,当然。就在这里。14.I have 0 in my account at the bank.我的存款有100美元。15.I want to change my money for American money.我要把我的钱换成美金。16.When you go to the a new country,you must change your money.当你到一个新国家,你必须兑换钱币。17.If you have money in the bank,you can write checks.如果你有存款,你就可以开票。18.I dont usually carry much money;I use checks.我通常不带很多钱,我使用票。19.I cashed my check at the store.我在这家商店兑现票。20.Do you have your passport with you?你有随身携带护照吗?21.You need a passport to travel to another country.你到别的国家去旅行,你需要一本护照。22.A passport is a very good I.D.护照是一本很好的身份。23.Ill give you the rest of my money.我把我的余钱都给你。24.Can I give you the rest of the money in change?其余的钱我可以给你零钱吗?25.We can buy travelers checks at the bank.我们可以在购买旅行票。26.He thanked me and I said,;You are welcome;.他向我道谢,我就说“不要客气”。27.You are welcome to visit this country.欢迎你到敝国来访问。28.It is easy to learn to count ed States money.计算美金是容易学会的。29.We learn the basic sentences first.我们首先学习基本句子。30.What is the basic unit of money in the U.S.?美国钱币的基本单位是什么?31.What is the basic unit of money in your country?你们国家钱币的基本单位是什么?32.What is the name of this coin?这种硬币叫什么?33.There are six kinds of coins in U.S. money.美国钱币中有6种硬币。34.One-dollar bills are common.1元纸币是很普通的。35.One-hundred-dollar bills are not common.百元纸币是不常见的。36.The most common U.S. coin is the penny.最普通的美元硬币是便士。37.Can you count to 100 in English?你能用英语从1数到100吗?38.Do you have a half dollar with you?你身上带有50美分钱吗?39.Would you like a piece of cake?你喜欢吃块蛋糕吗?40.In general,most people are friendly.一般而言,大多数人都很友善。Practical Conversation实用会话Q:Do you have some identification?你有身份明吗?A:Yes,I have my passport.I also have this identification card.有的,我有护照,还有身份。Q:How do you want your money?你想要哪种钞票?A:Im sorry.I dont understand.很抱歉,我不懂你的意思。Q:Do you want large bills or small bills?你要大钞还是小钞呢?A:Give me fine 20s and the rest in smaller bills.给我5张20元的,其余给小钞。Q:Can I buy travelers checks here?我可以在这里购买旅行票吗?A:Yes,you can.At the next window.是的,你可以,就在隔壁窗口。Q:Can I change that for American money here?我可以在这里换美金吗?A:Yes,you can.Theyll change it for you at the window where you get the traveles checks.是的,你可以,请到购买旅行票窗口,他们会为你兑换的。Q:Do you have a bank account here?你在此有账户吗?A:I have 0 in my account at the bank.在我的账户中有100美元存款。A:I have a bill.我有1张20美元的纸币。Q:How large bill do you have?你的纸币面值是多少?A:I only have 35 cents change.我只有35美分零钱。Q:Will you cash my check?请为我兑现票好吗?A:You can cash it at the bank.你可以去兑现。Q:Are travelers checks safe to carry with you?你携带旅行票安全吗?A:Yes,only the owner can cash a travelers checks.是的,只有票所有人才能兑现它。Q:Is it likely to rain tomorrow?明天可能会下雨吗?A:Its not likely to rain during this season of the year.这种季节是不可能下雨的。Q:Are these bills often called paper money?这些钞票时常称作纸币吗?A:These bills are sometimes called paper money.这些钞票有时称作纸币。Q:Do you have any change?你有零钱吗?A:No,Im sorry.I dont have any change.没有,抱歉,我没有零钱。Q:How much is a nickel worth?一枚镍币价值多少呢?A:A nickel is worth five cents.一枚镍币价值5分。A:A dime is worth ten cents.1毛钱价值10美分。Q:How much is a dim worth?1毛钱价值多少?A:A quarter is worth twenty-five cents.2毛5分价值25美分。Q:Is it easy to count ed States money?美金的计算容易吗?A:Its easy to count ed States money.计算美金是容易的。Q:Where can I cash a check?我到哪里可兑现票?A:You can cash a check at the bank.你可以到兑现票。Q:Where can I change my money for U.S. money?我到哪里可换美金?A:You can change your money at the bank.你可以到去换。Q:How much is your check?你的票面额多少?A:Its a government check for 129.37.这是一张129.37元的政府票。Q:How many inches make a foot?1尺有几英寸?A:Twelve inches make a foot.一英尺有12英寸。Q:How many feet make a yard?1码有几英尺?A:Three feet make a yard.1码有3英尺。Q:How many inches are in a yard?1码有几英寸?A:There are thirty-six inches in a yard.1码有36英寸。Q:How many feet are in a mile?1英里有几英尺?A:There are 5,280 feet in a mile.1英里有5280英尺。Q:How many ounces are in a pound of meat?1磅肉有几盎司?A:A pound of meat has sixteen ounces.1磅肉有16盎司。Q:How many eggs are in a dozen?一打蛋有几个?A:Twelve eggs are in dozen.一打蛋有12个。Q:How many pints make a quarter of milk?1夸脱牛奶有几品脱?A:Two pints of milk make a quarter.1夸脱牛奶有两品脱。Q:How many quarters of milk make a gallon?1加仑牛奶有几夸脱?A:Four quarters of milk make a gallon.1加仑牛奶有4夸脱。Q:How many pounds are in a ton?1吨有几磅?A:There are 2,000 pounds in a ton.1吨有2000磅。 /201503/361052麟游县医院治疗阳痿多少钱宝鸡市不孕不育



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